Best Of The Best Text To Image Generator AI Apps


Image-to-text generator apps, also known as optical character recognition (OCR) apps, are powerful tools designed to convert images containing text into editable and searchable data. These applications use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to recognize and extract text from various image formats like JPEG, PNG, and PDFs. They are incredibly useful in digitizing printed documents, automating data entry, and enhancing accessibility for visually impaired users. With the rise of artificial intelligence, these apps have become increasingly accurate and can handle complex layouts, multiple languages, and even handwritten text. Their applications range from scanning receipts for expense tracking to digitizing old manuscripts and books. As technology continues to advance, image-to-text generators are becoming more sophisticated, offering higher accuracy and efficiency in converting visual information into textual form.

Here is a list of free text-to-image AI generator apps:

Adobe Firefly: (Web)

Offers vector recoloring, texture/effects, and images, trained on openly licensed and public domain content. Free and Pro versions are available.

Adobe Firefly, a member of the Adobe family, is a standalone web app focusing on generating images from text prompts. It’s still in its beta-testing phase, mainly for personal use. Firefly stands out for its ability to produce stunning visuals and artwork based on high-resolution Adobe Stock images and openly licensed content. Its training relies on an unlimited number of Adobe Stock images and other online content, ensuring a rich database for generating diverse images. As it’s currently available only for PC, it integrates well with the Adobe suite, promising to add more power, speed, and precision to creative projects​

Midjourney: (Web)

Known for its customization options and learning capabilities. Free for the first 25 images; Pro version available.

Midjourney, known for its compatibility across multiple platforms, offers an intuitive AI-driven design interface. It harnesses the power of vast image databases for precise results. The tool is designed for artists and designers, blending traditional creativity with AI intelligence. Users can input themes or concepts, and Midjourney transforms them into captivating visuals. The basic version offers extensive design options, while its premium features unlock a broader spectrum of AI-generated artistry. It’s particularly user-friendly and integrates into platforms like Discord for easy access.

Starry AI: (Web, iOS, Android)

Notable for granular control and customizable images. Free credits are available; a Pro version is offered.

Starry AI is notable for its ability to create text-to-image AI art with granular control, making it stand out for personalization. Available on PC, Android, and iOS, it offers easy customization of images. Users receive free credits upon account creation, which can be used for generating images. Additional credits can be earned through social media sharing or watching ads. Starry AI’s unique feature is providing users control over specific image components, allowing for more customized and personal artwork creation

ArtSmart AI: (Web)

Specializes in quick image generation and offers a range of creative tools. 30-day money-back guarantee, with a Pro version.

ArtSmart AI is designed for quick image generation, ideal for bloggers, SEO agencies, and small businesses. It uses stable diffusion AI to produce images resembling human-created art. This tool stands out for its versatility, offering features like cloning, background removal, and avatar generation. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible to a wide audience. It’s particularly noted for its speed in image generation, creating images in just 10-30 seconds, and storing them in PNG format for quality enlargement.

Stable Diffusion: (Web, iOS, Android)

Known for generating realistic images, with capabilities in creating photo-style realistic people. Free and Pro versions are available.

Stable Diffusion is an AI art generator that focuses on creativity, producing high-quality images suitable for various uses. It allows users to specify styles and mediums, adding keywords to guide the model. Its ability to generate photo-realistic people sets it apart from other models. The tool is fast, using minimal resources to produce detailed images quickly. It’s valuable for artists and designers who want to focus on creativity while the software handles the technical aspects.

Craiyon: (Web, Android)

User-friendly with a wide range of features, ideal for various platforms.

Craiyon, formerly known as Dalle Mini, is a user-friendly AI image generator. It’s suitable for digital marketers, artists, and researchers, offering a wide range of image styles and great customization options. The interface is easy to navigate, and users can generate up to nine images quickly. It’s free and doesn’t require account sign-up, but a subscription option is available for advanced features.

Jasper Art: (Web)

Offers excellent results with customizable options. 7-day free trial; Pro version available.

Jasper Art is an easy-to-use tool that creates unique visuals based on text prompts. It’s ideal for bloggers, writers, and marketers, offering various options for style, moods, and inspirations. The tool can analyze text and produce images matching the description, making it like it can read the user’s mind. It offers royalty-free commercial use and doesn’t leave watermarks on the generated images.

Hypotenuse AI: (Web)

Cross-platform is capable and features an Art function for transforming words into AI artwork. 7-day free trial; Pro version available.

Hypotenuse AI is a versatile tool for generating unique and captivating content for various platforms. It has an Art feature that transforms words into impressive AI artwork. The software is popular among brands, agencies, and individuals for its quality content generation. It continuously learns and adjusts output based on user feedback and preferences.

NightCafe: (Web)

Known for its coherent algorithm and community-sharing feature. Free credits available; Pro version with monthly credits.

NightCafe Creator, available on PC, Android, and iOS, is an accessible app capable of generating unlimited base Stable Diffusion creations. It offers an advanced prompt editor, allowing users to turn simple words into stunning art. Most creations cost credits, but users can easily obtain free credits by participating in the NightCafe community. The app uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms for realistic art pieces that resemble actual photos, making it a popular choice among both beginners and experienced artists.

DALL-E 2: (Web)

Uses the CLIP model for creating images from text. 15 free credits per month; annual subscription available.

DALL-E 2, known for using a CLIP model, creates images from detailed text descriptions. The model refines images through diffusion processing and can interpret different art styles. It’s capable of producing realistic or abstract images and offers a list of image options based on user descriptions.

Lensa: (iOS, Android)

Best for smartphones, it offers advanced image generation and various tools. Free and Pro versions are available.

Lensa, best suited for smartphones, uses an open-source deep learning model for image creation. It turns selfies into art and offers detailed and realistic outputs. Lensa features face-tracking algorithms and offers tools like face morphing and object removal, making it an all-in-one tool for photo editing.

Deep Dream Generator: (Web)

It uses neural networks to generate dreamlike images. Free and Pro versions are available.

Deep Dream Generator uses neural networks to transform written prompts into dreamlike images. It offers customizable settings for fine-tuning the final image and provides a simple and impactful interface. This tool is excellent for creating unique digital art and sharing it within its community platform.

Microsoft Image Creator:

Developed by Microsoft, this tool is known for its generative AI capabilities, providing users with a platform to create images from text prompts.

DreamStudio: (Web)

DreamStudio is a web app that uses natural language processing to generate images. It was developed by a prominent name in the AI art world, Stable Diffusion.

Bing Image Creator: (Web)

Bing Image Creator, based on OpenAI’s DALL-E, works seamlessly with the Microsoft Edge browser. It requires detailed prompts to create specific pieces of artwork and is known for its collaboration with OpenAI.

Fotor: (PC, Android, iOS)

Features a wide variety of editing tools and an AI Cartoonizer.

Fotor offers a wide variety of free online editing tools, including AI Cartoonizer, avatar and face generators, and photo effects. It’s a comprehensive image-processing tool for creating, editing, and generating visuals and artwork.

Picsart: (PC, Android, iOS)

Offers an intuitive set of design tools, combining basic editing and AI generation.

Picsart, a prominent smartphone app for editing photos and designing images, features an AI image generator that combines basic editing and design tools. It’s free, easy to use, and offers a comprehensive set of design tools.

Canva: (PC, Android, iOS)

Known for its art design tools and ease of use, recently added a free AI art generator.

Canva, a popular image design app and photo editor, recently added a free AI art generator to its suite of tools. It’s known for its ease of use and a wide range of tools, making it.

Wepik: (PC, Android, iOS)

Innovative AI tool, free for commercial use with attribution. Features multiple templates.

Wepik offers an innovative and intuitive AI image generator, available for PC, Android, and iOS. It stands out for being free for commercial use with the inclusion of an attribution line. Wepik features multiple ready-made templates that are easy to customize, enabling users to generate unique visuals such as digital art, logos, and 3D paintings. The high-quality images and artwork created are effortless to produce and versatile for various applications. Remembering to credit Wepik with an attribution line allows for broader usage of the generated images.

DeepAI: (PC)

User-friendly with a range of freestyles for personal and commercial use.

DeepAI presents a user-friendly AI image generator with a clean and sleek interface, exclusive to PC users. It features numerous styles that are free for both personal and commercial use. With DeepAI, users can increase the size or scale of the image, improve resolution, or enhance photo quality. The range of image styles and designs to choose from includes cyberpunk, Renaissance painting, cute creatures, abstract, and more, catering to a wide spectrum of artistic preferences and project requirements.

Dream by Wombo: (PC, Android, iOS)

Simple to use with a range of free art styles, no sign-up required.

Dream by Wombo is an uncomplicated text-to-art AI generator, available for PC, Android, and iOS. It does not require users to sign up or create an account, offering ease of access and use. Users can simply type in a prompt, select an art style, and generate art. The available styles include anime, Surreal, Line-Art, and Ghibli, among others. Dream by Wombo’s straightforward approach allows users to quickly bring their artistic vision to life and download or regenerate images as needed

Freepik: (PC, Android, iOS)

Allows generating up to three AI images a day, customizable with different styles.

Freepik, available for PC, Android, and iOS, allows users to generate up to three AI images a day. Each creation can be designed with four different styles, providing flexibility and customization options. Users need to create a free account to start creating AI visuals. The tool offers a mix-and-match approach to finding the best combination for art, making it suitable for various creative needs, whether for commercial or personal use.

Cutout Pro:

AI-powered design platform, free for personal and commercial use, offers various character styles.

Cutout Pro is more than an ordinary AI image generator; it’s also an AI-powered visual design platform. Available for personal and commercial applications, it offers efficient and user-friendly tools for restoring and retouching images, as well as enhancing or removing backgrounds. The interface is sleek and simple, with a limited number of backgrounds but a range of character styles. This app is ideal for those who need a versatile tool for various image editing and generation tasks.

This list includes a variety of free AI image generators, each with unique features and capabilities. Some offer free versions with limited features or trials, while others provide entirely free services with options for purchasing additional credits or subscriptions for advanced features.

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