Factors To Consider When Selecting New Garage Doors For Home Security

Garage Door Prices

When selecting new garage doors, more often than any other influence, the cost will be the deciding factor. With vast differences in garage door prices depending upon the door type, operating type and material, it will really pay to consider exactly what benefits in addition to security you wish the door to have.

When looking at similar garage doors from different manufacturers, be sure to look closer than the design or what it says in the glossy brochures. One great example of this is insulated roller garage doors. With various thicknesses available, be sure the levels of each door are identical or the comparison will not be true.

Another deciding factor in the final price of a new garage door will be the finish you require. The factory applies specialist finishes such as laminated wood grains or stains will add to the price as will adding any design details such as windows and non-standard handles.

Remember, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for so if you see a door price that looks too good to be true then it generally is. Shoddy parts and inferior materials can be easily disguised in glossy images so ask questions such as what is the warranty? Where is the door made? Does the door comply with legislation?

One final note on price. As most garage doors are pretty heavy and require some form of track system to support the door’s weight once it is open, that door you thought was a real bargain may, in fact, be an accident waiting to happen.

Door Materials

Available in a wide choice of materials such as steel, wood, aluminum, and grp,  modern garage doors can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. For strength at an affordable price, steel sectional garage doors or roller garage doors will be the ideal choice. However, where aesthetic appeal is the main priority a wooden garage door will be the number one choice


Although some doors are more secure than others, should anyone be really determined and wish to gain access to your garage then they will. Fact. The key to good security is to make the job as difficult and time-consuming as possible.

Canopy garage doors are pretty vulnerable to attack and often require no more than a swift kick to breakthrough. In comparison, sectional garage doors or roller shutter doors will be far tougher to breakthrough due to the unique design where the door actually overlaps into the guides to make forcing the door difficult. Also, because most roller shutter doors do not feature a handle, there is no leverage point when trying to lift the door.

Durability and Servicing

Be aware that in order to keep the garage door safe, it will require regular maintenance. Depending upon the type of door you install will affect the service intervals. For example, roller garage doors do not have many movable parts, and as they require no lubrication will require very little maintenance other than a yearly check of the nuts and bolts.

Compare this to sectional garage doors with many moving parts and the service interval will be greatly reduced. This will be exaggerated even more should the garage doors be subjected to heavy use on a daily basis.

Should the door require more than 6 operating cycles a day, the best option will more than likely be roller shutter doors that are more suited to commercial and industrial applications.

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