Get Greek yogurt from plain yogurt: Follow easy steps …

The main difference between the Greek yogurt and plain yogurt is consistency. Greek yogurt is thicker and contains more water. Greek yogurt is often used for sauces and can substitute sour cream or other dairy products in recipes. There are no. of recipes available to get Greek yogurt from plain yogurt.

Let’s talk about the nutritional properties of Greek yogurt:
It contains 0.30 mg. iron, 6.40 g. protein, 150 mg. calcium, 0 g. fiber, 150 mg. potassium, 4 mg. of iodine, 0.50 mg. zinc, 5.39 g. carbohydrates, 12 mg. magnesium, 71 mg. sodium, 121 ug. vitamin A, 0.03 mg. vitamin B1, 0.36 mg. vitamin B2, 1.60 mg. Vitamin B3, 0.30 ug. vitamin B5, 0.05 mg. vitamin B6, 0 ug. vitamin B7, 6 ug. vitamin B9, 0.20 ug. vitamin B12, traces of vitamin C, 0.05 ug. vitamin D, 0.38 mg. vitamin E, 0.80 ug. vitamin K, 130 mg. phosphorus, 139 kcal. calories, 11 mg. cholesterol, 10.20 g. fat, 5.39 g. sugar and 0 mg. purine.

Geek yogurt has less sugar and carbohydrates but more protein (may even have triple times than regular yogurt). Geek yogurt is a good source of calcium. This mineral keeps bones and teeth strong and is beneficial for proper functioning of the nervous system. Geek yogurt also regulates our intestinal system. It is rich in probiotics, which increase our immune system and keep it strong. Greek yogurt is an important source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, protein and potassium, which are considered beneficial to reduce high blood pressure.

Get Greek yogurt from plain yogurt

You can prepare Greek style yogurt from plain yogurt by draining excess fluid using some basics steps.

Level of difficulty: Moderately Easy

Stretch a piece of cloth or thick paper towel on a small bowl. Secure it with a rubber band or string. If you need a large amount of strain yogurt, use two pieces of cloth or paper towels to prevent tearing.

Now pour yogurt in covered container gradually.

Place the container in the refrigerator. Let the yogurt to drain for at least 3 to 4 hours. It may take longer to reach the desired texture.

Once the yogurt has drained and gets the desired texture, put it to a clean container. Discard the drained liquid. Your Greek style yogurt is ready.

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