Gum Disease And How It Comes About

Types of Gum Disease

There are two main types of gum disease which are Gingivitis and Periodontitis. There are many factors which can contribute to potentially suffering from gum disease such as poor oral hygiene where you are more likely to develop Gingivitis. If effective brushing and flossing are not carried out it allows plaque which is a harmful bacteria sticky substance to build up in the gum line. If excessive plaque is left untreated on your gums it could result in having a dental job like an unwanted tooth extraction. The bacteria from the plaque can result in inflammation and infection in the gums which could lead to gum disease better known as Gingivitis.

The gums become red and inflamed and nearly almost all adults will experience some form of Gingivitis in the gums, as any dentist will tell you. If there is bleeding present when brushing or flossing your teeth this could be an early sign of Gingivitis. A plaque which has been left untreated on the tooth may harden and be extremely difficult to remove in these circumstances. Dental specialists will need to be a consultant in order to remove it. Tooth brushing alone cannot remove the hardened plaque and therefore it requires further consulting from a hygienist.

Periodontitis is when the bacterial infection of the Gingivitis has become severe and has progressed to the deeper root of the tissues known as the periodontal tissues which also includes the bones. As this gum disease worsens you could lose the supporting bone of the teeth. The worst cases of Periodontitis can involve losing your teeth altogether and abscesses can form. The symptoms of Periodontitis are if you notice that your gums are coming away from the teeth and there is pus between the gums and teeth. Bad breath can be another symptom of gum disease due to bacteria. Loose teeth and a change in position of the teeth is another symptom you need to look out for.

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