How Only Shampoo Can Help You Cure Your Dandruff?

Dandruff is a very common issue that has affected almost everyone at one point in their lives. This skin condition doesn’t pick on race or age as it can affect virtually anyone. In as much as people are used to hearing of dandruff affecting the scalp, it is quite possible for it to affect eyebrows, ears, the beard and the most hairy part of the chest. The point to understand and take note of here is that dandruff affects any area that has hair follicles. No matter how small they may be.

Dandruff is rife across any age and that experienced in babies is called cradle crap. Dandruff may manifest itself in different ways for different people. For some, it may be a chronic condition and something they have to battle with constantly while for others it, it may simply be something that happens to them on occasion. Dandruff is not a condition that can be cured but rather controlled. It looks like flakes of skin that can be on your clothes and the rest of your hair. Some people don’t even know they have dandruff up until they wear dark clothes.

Causes of dandruff

The main cause of dandruff still remains unknown. The reasons put forward are mainly speculations but they do hold some truth to them. Dandruff has been associated with overproduction of sebum, an increase in skin secretion and a rise in the number of skin yeasts. Thankfully, dandruff is not a bacterial infection and hence it is not contagious.

Dandruff can be made worse especially through poor hygiene. If the germs and dirt you’ve collected all day are left to accumulate it can significantly increase dandruff you’ll have. Another cause for dandruff would be an overproduction of a micro-organism which is known as Pityrosporum-ovle. This is a normal micro-organism but brings complications when present in large numbers.

Stress is another factor that has been linked to dandruff with patients suffering from dandruff experiencing an increase whenever their stress levels go up.

Best Remedies for dandruff

Shampoo your hair daily– this will help keep your scalp clean and breathing and it will also help keep the micro-organism responsible for dandruff at bay. Shampooing will also help to get rid of excessive oils which do provide an environment for the micro-organisms to grow.

You can also try changing the brand of the shampoos you use frequently. Your hair may get used to one type and you can find that it no longer works for you. You can also invest in a shampoo specifically formulated to help you control and get rid of dandruff.

If the above two remedies don’t work then you could opt to use a shampoo that has tar in it. It has been known for years that tar actually does have properties that can help get rid of dandruff; though you will have to put up with the smell.

Another way to combat dandruff would be to buy three kinds of shampoos and exchange them every month. This way you’ll be preventing the micro-organism from becoming resistant to the active ingredient.

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