8 natural ways to get long and thick eyelashes

There are many home remedies or natural ways, which have been passed from generation to generation that many people say has helped them grow their eyelashes. Here I’m leaving, 8 natural ways to get long and thick eyelashes. Let’s review countdown according to preference.

Coconut oil at No. 8

Here I reveal the nature secret that helps grow long and thick eyelashes. The best thing about this secret is that you can do it at home and at a low cost. This is the coconut oil. For application you need an empty container of mascara (much better if you use transparent mascara). This should be very clean and without product residue. This is one of the effective remedies to get thick & long eye lashes.

Vaseline at No. 7

Grandmothers’ Secret to be beautiful in their time is still part of rituals of many women’s beauty. Vaseline is a staple of the cosmetic and is recognized for its moisturizing properties. Simply apply a layer of Vaseline on the base of the lashes, using finger or a makeup brush. Petrolatum jelly gives thickness to the lashes, stimulating hair follicles. It’s also a best way to get long and thick eyelashes.

Vitamin E at No. 6

Vitamin E is one of the most recommended for a skin and hair health. Due to its antioxidant properties, promotes the circulation of blood to the scalp and helps strengthen capillary walls. In addition, it is one of the best remedies to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and you can get long and thick eyelashes.

Chamomile at No. 5

If you have a party and you want to look great, first thing you should do is to get a dazzling gaze, and what better way to do for a divine lashes. If you want it to become infinite, use homemade beauty trick to boast longer eyelashes. Boil chamomile flower, let sit for a few minutes. Then soak one cotton ball in boiled chamomile. Apply on your lashes. Remember to practice this technique every night and get ready to wear heart-stopping lashes. After few months you will get long and thick eyelashes.

Sweet almond oil at No. 4

Sweet almond oil is another home remedies for a beautiful eyelashes. Almond Oil contains fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium and calcium that make it a substance very moisturizing and one of the best allies to strengthen and grow the eyelashes.

Olive oil at No. 3

Olive oil is not only a basic ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, also has a place in the world of beauty. The Egyptians used it as a moisturizer to prevent dry skin, as it is a rich source of oleic acid. Apply to the eyelashes every night with the fingertips or cotton, always from the bottom up. Leave it on all night. You will get long and thick eyelashes on regular bases.

Bone Mamey Oil at No. 2

The bone mamey oil is one most widely used ingredient in many of the masks or mascara for eyelashes that exist in the market of cosmetology. It’s rich in vitamins A and C help nourish the hair follicle, which favors the growth of eyelashes and make them longer, darker and plentiful. So get long and thick eyelashes is not a tough task.

Castor oil at No. 1

Castor oil is a popular remedy to grow eyelashes, is native to Africa and India, and is extracted from the seeds of a plant called castor (Ricinus communis). It contains fatty acids oleic, linoleic and palmitic that help to strengthen and brighten the lashes. You can use it the same way you apply you mascara from root to tip.

These 8 natural ways to get long and thick eyelashes are much effective. You must give a try.

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