10 Best Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Road

These days there are more ways than ever to entertain the kids while on a road trip. Here are ten awesome ways that you can keep them busy while on the road.

Keeping Up With The Kids

1. Movies/TV Shows

Kids love to be entertained by watching their favorite film or TV series while on the road. With all of the devices at your disposal now from built-in TV screens, Netflix on an iPad, to portable DVD players there are endless ways to ensure that your children can watch whatever they want, buying you a few hours on the road.

2. Video games

Once the kids get tired of merely watching videos, they can transcend into interacting with their favorite games. Playing handled gaming devices or tablet games is a great way to keep kids entertained. Additionally, you can be selective and give them educational games and set automatic limits of how much time they can spend on any given game.

3. Books

Perhaps most kids wouldn’t immediately reach for a book, it is a classic way to keep kids entertained, especially if you have a young reader who is enthusiastic about reading. You can even have your child read aloud to you or their younger siblings incorporating everyone into the story while developing an important skill.

4. Car games

There are also fun car games that involve everyone. Set the rules and play away. Slug bug is a favorite. Another is I, Spy. You can also bring along card games and other portable fun activities.

5. Songs/Music

Kids love to listen to their favorite songs or music. Play them in the car or on a personal device and you’ve got hours of entertainment. You can even have to sing-alongs in the car that include everyone creating a very fun atmosphere.

6. Toys

When going on a car ride taking the favorite toy is a must. From dolls and toy cars to trading cards or action figures it’s a great way to get the kids to play with each other. It also can be an incentive to ensure that the kids behave well. They certainly don’t want to have their toys taken away on a long car ride!

7. Arts and crafts

While many arts and crafts are hard to do on the road, some fit perfectly for a long drive. Rainbow loom, making rubber band bracelets, is all the rage nowadays and it requires the kids to focus on a specific task that can take quite a bit of time. Coloring, crossword puzzles, and word scrambles are also easy sources of entertainment and kids love them.

8. Rest stop antics

Another way to entertain the kids is to let them burn off their energy while refueling or stopping at a rest area. Create rest stop races, exercises, and activities that get them to burn off the seemingly endless amount of energy that they have while they have space to roam. This will ensure that while in the car they are a bit calmer.

9. License Plate Spotting

Kids love looking at all the cars passing by. Make a game of this by predicting beforehand how many license plates from different states the kids think they will see. You can even have the kids incorporate geography by letting them check the map to see where the states are. Incentives like prizes or choice of the next video or song will make them excited to play.

10.  Snacks!

It goes without saying that keeping snacks on hand, especially for small children, will keep them happy. Healthy snacks, with as little sugar as possible, are also a good idea. You can even pack individual snack bags catering to any special dietary needs.

No matter how you approach keeping your kids entertained on the road be sure to have options. Kids have short attention spans and need many options to stay entertained in a confined space. By using a few of these ideas you can easily make your road trip a bit less stressful and a lot more entertaining.

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