How to stop breastfeeding? Baby led weaning ideas

The day you decide to baby led weaning, you should take it easy. Depending on the age of your baby, you may perceive it as a necessary way to receive nutrients or as a purely emotional calming tool.

Either way, the baby will not stop easily something you want, suddenly interrupting or rushed breastfeeding can be traumatic for both your baby  and for you. The baby would feel the loss of its principal defense object, which provides the most comfort, and in your case, your breasts may start to become congested and you would need the ritual of feeding. Do things with subtlety.

Steps to   baby led weaning

Weaning for infant under one year

Ideally, the weaning process begins two months before the date fixed for stop breastfeeding. As you reduce the feedings, extract milk from your breasts pour into a bottle or sippy cup. If your baby is about 1 year old, you might consider skipping the stage of the bottle. Reduce milk gradually and begins to switch the formula with your own milk. During the first week replace daily only 1 socket by bottle or cup. Then increase to 2 bottle feeds in the second week and 3 in the third week. Your little one will get used to the new routine.

Making baby led weaning rapidly

If you want to speed up the decision process introduce a new bottle every three days instead of every week. However, you may run the risk that your breasts are engorged. To avoid this, it may be that you must follow extra bottle of milk once you have weaned your baby, in order to reduce production gradually.

Good advice: Let your partner or whoever is taking care of your baby getting a bottle from some of your milk. So that if you are not present at feeding time may not be much worried and baby won’t begin to miss your bosom.

Weaning baby for more than a year

At this age is also ideal to follow the above scheme weaning (two months). When the last week comes then it’s the time your baby should feel comfortable drinking from a sippy cup. When you start giving your baby milk via sippy cup, set a fixed time for each period; 3 or 4 hours may be enough. Also avoid such places where you feel comfortable feeding frequently. Another tip is to use complicated stuffs (like dresses or button closure in the back), so when you are asked for feeding, you can excuse yourself due to the difficulty as you need to undress. This answer may satisfy a child who likes feeding habit and not hunger. In addition to the chest, your child will need other ways to connect with you. Lectures, readings, songs and stories are a way of providing the care your child needs. As you find another ways to share with him, be less frequent towards your feeding sessions. It is a good idea for you to suspend breastfeeding when your family is experiencing changes such as moving to a new home or the arrival of a new baby, may it can be difficult for the child to return to one of its favorite routines.

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