Commandments to choose perfect lingerie for inner beauty

Women usually neglect important and chief steps regarding under garments. As such garments could enhance their beauty and sensuality. Women can spell more magic if they step out with more confidence. But confidence can only be developed up by following chief factors and commandments. Proper dressing and to choose perfect lingerie are at the top of those chief factors that can define body shape in the best way. Here are few steps regarding how to choose perfect lingerie. It  can enhance women’s confidence as well as inner beauty.

Steps to  choose perfect lingerie

How to measure  correct bra size?

How to measure correct bra size

How to measure bra size1

Most women do not know their true bra or panty size. Women should learn how to measure their bust and cup size properly. They can easily determine their bust size by measuring the circumference right under the breast. In the same way they can also measure their cup size correctly by using yard. Bring the yard around their back till nipples. After taking these two measurements, take the difference between both, the result will be a cup size. If the difference is less than 1 inch it’s mean their cup size is AA. 1 inch means A, two inches represent B size, three inches C and so on. Panties also come in different sizes such as small, medium, large or extra large. Don’t choose the smaller size if women have heavy waist.

There’re lots of online website that offer bra & panty measure tools. You can measure your bra size at So choose perfect lingerie for perfect beauty.

 Say goodbye to cotton lingerie

goodbye to cotton lingerie

You want to attract and seduce their partners? Just throw out all their cotton under garments in the garbage as they are less sexy and attractive. Prefer those designs based on lace and transparencies. By using them women can feel their husbands special touch. 

Don’t use fleshy colors of lingerie

Men usually like attractive and bright color undergarments. Because  such colors grab their attentions. Fleshly colors are not eye-catching at all. So avoid using these colors and pay attention to choose perfect lingerie of bright colors. 

Be stylish

Mostly women are worried about whenever their straps or laces of bra and panties are visible through their dresses. They feel that it’s tacky. But the reality is that a little sight of undergarments is not bad. In fact it gives stylish impact.

 Go comfortable with something that fits women well

Women can find lots of varieties, styles or patterns of bras as well as panties in the market. Such as broad or thin straps, strapless or lacy straps, full cups or half cups, light pad, hard pad or underwire. Panties are also available in various forms including low or high waist, with lace or without lace or strappy. Choose what fits or suits your waist well, and bra should fit the size of their bust. Women with heavy bust should always pick up bras with full cups with underwire and women with small bust size should wear light padded or hard padded bras.


Always choose perfect lingerie that meet women’s comfortable level.  Because too tight or small bra can cause distress along with blood blockage. But remember before buying give a try to bras as well as panties. Remember! Don’t buy cheap or ill-fitting bras as these make women appear shapeless. Spend time to shop or  choose perfect lingerie. So that women can feel themselves beautiful and confident with proper shape.

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