How to clean your hair brushes easily?

To clean hair brushes is as much difficult as to clean the carpets. Because both get much dirty by lint, hair, or dust mites. Therefore it is important to maintain the cleanliness of combs and brushes, because although it may seem clean at first glance, but are a reservoir of many unpleasant things.

Think about that every time you comb, hair becomes not only a messy, but a dump of dust, dead skin cells, a muddle because of dirty brushes you use for your hair; right? To get rid of all such untidiness, here are some steps to clean your hair brushes easily.

How to clean your hair brushes easily?

Step # 1

using-comb-endsUse the end of a fine comb, and removes all dirt from hair brush with it. Do not leave without checking all spaces from the sides until get cleaned even into the base of the bristles. If you keep your hair brushes clean, your hair will also be dirt-free as well as healthy.

Step # 2

hairbrush-with-scissorsOnce you’ve loosened all the hair brush, take scissors and cut down all the hair entangled in the middle of the brushes. This will help to pull the hair with no trouble. Then grasp the hair strands and throw them in the trash; neither flash out nor throw into the sink as it can create problems in draining system.

Step # 3

clean-your-hairburshThen you should wash the brushes. Be careful do not buy those brushes that are not suitable if using water. For more effective cleaning, preparing an ideal solution at home using one cup of water with the addition of 1 teaspoon of shampoo and baking soda.

If it is a brush with wooden base, substitute the solution for a beaker of water with the addition of 5 drops of tea tree oil. Soak and rub the brush gently.

Lava brushes, bases and bristles, brushes should wash tenderly although thoroughly, in addition to dirt free the outer edges; moreover you can remove the rebel hairs with a toothbrush.

Step # 4

cleanhairbrushGive your brush a quick but long-lasting rinse, plus let it get dried up with bristles downward direction, so that water will run off easily. For wooden brushes, try utilizing not as much of water, avoiding soak longer but clean only bristles.

Hope this quick guide will help you cleaning your dirty hair brushes easily. for proper hair care it’s compulsory to keep hair brushes neat and tidy.

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