Get a perfect look using makeup: Follow easy steps

Achieving a perfect look using makeup is not an easy task. All good makeup lovers must follow a series of steps that will ensure optimum results because it is important to know basic steps to evaluate your professionalism.The makeup base is one of the most important parts for a perfect look using makeup. For best results we should follow steps in a correct order; since the disorder can lead to a total disaster. We are providing a basic guide of some simple steps you need to follow to get a perfect look using makeup.


First of all, do cleansing although to get freshly washed face look, you need to clean it because pollution or impurities might remain in skin and can make pores dirty.

Skin hydration is essential; however the skin must be well hydrated, so that the base appears even. It is important to choose a good moisturizing lotion containing antioxidants plus vitamin A, C and E, especially apply on dark circles to reduce inflammation. It is very important to wait for 15 minutes after applying lotion to get a perfect look using makeup, and then can start makeup.

concelers-colour-correctorA concealer or color corrector is indispensable. With it you can erase the signs of fatigue that are manifested in the form of dark circles; those cramped acne, pimples as well as can reduce redness.  It’s very important to choose the right concealer, depending on the type as well as texture of your skin to get a perfect look using makeup.

different-primersThe prebase or primer must be applied before the liquid foundation, especially in areas prone to sweating such as the forehead, nose, upper lip and chin. This product unifies the colour of the skin, it’s not only reduces sweating of the face, also allows the make-up last longer.

best-liquid-foundationLet it set for 5-7 minutes, now apply a liquid foundation all over the face and neck, and always use the tone that is closest to your natural skin tone to get a perfect look using makeup. Extend well, leave no traces or thumbtacks. When choose your base must take into account, besides the colour, the type of skin you have. If you have dry skin, a moisturizing base will come in handy; on contrary, if have an oily or combination skin, choose an oil free base.

loose-powder-foundationLoose powders help to give a more natural and velvety look to your face. Tone should be the same as your base and you must extend it across all face. But as the summer has approaches, you can opt for sun powder that will give your face a more unique look.

eye_shadowsApply shadow base all over the eyelid to even out the background tone of the shade, apply a light shade around the eyelid. Use different colors as eye shadows depending on the shade of your dress. It is important to blend it using a thin and stiff brush. Use a special brush to draw eye ball shape. Follow the curve of the eye in its socket (from the middle to the end of the eye, over the eyelid). Then blur this line with a very soft brush (as that area is very delicate) to the outline, but do evenly, as the name indicates, a shadow. Below the eyebrow is essential to implement illuminator to highlight this area.

Eyebrows are an essential part of the makeup and also have to be perfect, well shaved and brushed. It is very important that the area below the eyebrows is completely free of hairs after depilation using forceps; brush them with a brush of mascara to define a shape.

eye-liner-cake-with-brushFor evening eye makeup, the liquid eyeliners are the best. It may seem very difficult to apply, but we recommend using liquid eyeliner. Once you’ve applied eye shadow and eyeliner, don’t forget this trick; apply a little white or light gray shadow on your eyelid and fixed stumping around the area with a brush or with your fingers.

lipglossWe recommend applying a little foundation on your lips before putting on lipstick. A light foundation facilitates the lip makeup stay focused as well as lasts much longer. If you choose a very prominent eyes’ makeup, the lips should be natural. In this case, you must delineate a bit to give better shape, choose a neutral color or just apply transparent gloss.

The dream of all is to have the long, voluminous lashes and to achieve this, you do not need a curling iron, just classic mascara can create that effect.

bouncy-blushDon’t miss blushing on the cheeks. We recommend pale colors as light pink, peach for day and more intense shades of pink for the night. A correct way to apply blush is using a brush form the cheeks when you smile at a slight movement toward the hairline. It is important to gradually extend the blush to look natural.

Makeup Fixer Spray is necessary that will last makeup throughout the event. Therefore, use a good fixative that can give you perfect look using makeup for longer.

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