Smoky eyes makeup: A trend that never goes out of fashion

If you want to follow absolute makeup trend according to fashion, must highlight your eyes so that can seduce with perfect stylish look. Do you feel that your eyes are your point of seduction? We will share how women can get perfect smoky eyes makeup just by following some simple steps. However, this style is ideal for you ladies, but achieving a sensational “smoky” effect is often not easy.

Smoky eyes makeup: A trend that never goes out of fashion

This super glamorous ‘Smoky eyes makeup’ looks came into being in the early 20’s, when women used to wear it as a beauty of theater actresses, their eyes’ makeup with dark colors intense hazy and dramatic look was appeared amazing on big screen. Over the years, we stopped using in the 80s but now its appearance mutated and began to perform in more elongated manner, leaving a more sensual look on screen. Today, the smoky eyes makeup in various forms and colours, has won all parades as well as fashion campaigns both in winter and summer.

It is one of the most used forms of eye makeup in the world. It’s a very famous eye makeup and implemented among women, suit any type and shape of eyes, whether small, large, bulging etc. It is well go with any skin tone, from the lightest to the darkest. It can adapt to both for the day as well as night, also go with any outfit, really enhances any look. Smoky eyes makeup is a very particular that, if implemented in the right way can make us feel real DIVE!


The ‘Smoky eyes makeup is a trick that camouflages the defects of almost all types of eye. It can also be used by women a little more mature obviously to enjoy the intensity and hue of the color. Classic Smokey Eyes makeup can be made with pencil and black eyeshades indeed using very black matte. Highly pigmented eyeshades are suitable so as to create the depth of the eye and make them super intense.

How you can get ‘Black Smokey Eyes’ Look?

Items you need to get smoky eye look


Black matte eyeshades

Eyeliner waterproof (black)

Black eye pencil waterproof

Beige matte eyeshades

Black Mascara

Eye glitter


1) Apply a PRIMER over eyes’ entire eyelid, so that your eyeshades stay intact and not end up in the folds of the eye, also create a very pleasant look.

2) Take a Black Pencil with a soft lead; it will be much faster and easier to blend than any eye pencil.

3) Draw a line along the lash line without worrying about being precise in fact, the line should be pretty thick and you have to fill almost half of the upper eyelid, trying to draw more attention to root of the lashes.

4) With an eye brush rather than compact bristle brush, start to fade out from the inside to outwards and upwards, create a cloud of intense colour that combine with base and then slowly blend upwards, to the crease of the eye.


And now the time has come to apply matte black eyeshades;

5) Always with the brush that you have used before, take the eye shadow and apply above the previously soft black pencil, also fade all the way to the ‘High above the crease of the eye but without get too close to the eyebrow.

For a glamorous effect, you can add a matte brown eyeshades in the crease of the eye and blend it always upwards and outwards.

6) Under the eyebrow apply beige matte eyeshades (lower lash line, first line up with soft pencil and then the black eye shadow).

Add a little eyeshades sparkling/glittering on the eyelid under the eyebrow line. Here you ready with perfect smoky eyes makeup.

Remember also to apply a black pencil inside the eye. Apply a generous amount of Mascara on upper eyelashes. Don’t use bright lipsticks with smoky eyes, can use just transparent gloss.

Congrats! You have successfully got smoky eye look.

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