Healthy ways to reduce gained weight after delivery

Motherhood changes a woman’s life over and above having a baby is the best feeling of this world for a woman, but along with changes in life, the mother’s body also gains extra pounds and gets changed from slim to bulky. Women always keep on worried about how to reduce gained weight after delivery, they packed on during their pregnancy. Some women gain much more pounds as they still look pregnant even after delivery. Anyways, it’s a normal phenomenon but these changes may be surprising if you are a new mother or pregnant for the first time. It’s my suggestion to all women with post delivery; don’t be worried much about extra gained weight or bulky belly as it starts reducing after 6-8 weeks after delivery when extra fluids leave body and if extra pounds still there follow few recommended tips to reduce gained weight after delivery.


Try to reduce weight slowly as if you do fast, it can affect production of milk for newly born baby. Breastfeeding is very significant not only for a baby, but for the mother as well because the chances of breast cancer get reduced, it helps burn around 400-500 calories in a day in addition provides nutrition for baby, so helpful to reduce gained weight after delivery.

Give time to yourself

Women’s bodies take little time to get back its shape after childbirth. If you lose your weight too quickly it can be harmful as it leaves your body weak and you feel yourself exhausted all the time. If ever you fall sick because of losing weight quickly, it will take longer to recover normal body with proper working. So take proper measures to reduce gained weight after delivery.

Don’t be lazy

Don’t be lazy after delivery as mostly women don’t like leaving bed. You need to walk slowly if you feel good and if it doesn’t cause worsen bleeding, try to walk little more the next day. If possible try to walk with baby in stroller because when you push the baby stroller at least 150-160 calories burn during this procedure and help you to reduce gained weight after delivery. Mostly moms forget to eat while playing with babies. It’s harmful as you can have less energy and may fall sick.

Try to eat homemade healthy meal

The first thing, you must remember is that junk food is piousness for you. Be careful about the selection of food. Always have homemade healthy food, and prefer fruits and vegetables. Use milk rather than water for drinking. Reduce the quantity of fluids including sugar and calories. Include fiber-rich as well as starchy food in your diet, such as lentils, whole grains, beans, rice, pasta or oats. Eat fenugreek as it increases milk production. Prepare a schedule for having meal properly to reduce gained weight after delivery. Don’t adopt the habit of crash diets. Prefer boiled or baked foods instead of fried.

Do exercise what your doctor recommends

Do regular exercise after consulting your doctor as it’s a best way to shed extra fats. Exercise may be in the form of cycling, jogging, pelvic floor exercises, swimming, walk or yoga. Try to use the stairs rather than elevator whenever you go to shopping plaza in order to reduce gained weight after delivery. Try to boost your metabolism for burning calories.

Apart from all these, try to take proper nap, I know it’s little hard with new born, but not impossible as you can set it with baby’s sleep timing. Strange sleep cycle may affect your metabolism rate and creates hurdles in losing weight. Take proper medicines, vitamins and minerals. Be efficient and stay motivated to reduce gained weight after delivery. Remember one thing, if you lose even one pound a week, that’s good for you. Don’t try to reduce weight rapidly.

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