How to put off stretch marks during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes major physiological and hormonal changes. It affects almost every part of women’s body, their skin as well. From the second quarter, scars may start appearing on the surface of the skin. However, you must try to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy from the very start.

You must keep it in mind that the human skin has a large capacity for relaxing. It can stretch up to ten times during pregnancy. Knowing this information is essential so that you can take basic steps keeping your skin elastic and hydrated. In this way stretching fibers of the skin do not crack. Stretch marks during pregnancy occur when the elastic fibers in the dermis start breaking,. They leave a scar in the form of sinuous lines of white or purplish color.

prevent-stretch-marksThese stretch marks during pregnancy appear due to the sudden increased volume of the belly, increased production of estrogens in puberty or pregnancy, or conditions affecting normal formation of collagen, plus the fact that the skin becomes dry during pregnancy. Especially during the third quarter when the gut increases in size rapidly, stretch marks start appearing undesirably. It depends as every skin type is different and heredity is also a determinant of its appearance.

A study reveals that nine out of 10 women have stretch marks between weeks 22 and 32 of gestation, and the most common areas of stretch marks’ occurrence are the abdomen (60%), thighs (25%), hips (20%) and breast (10%).

How to put off stretch marks during pregnancy?

For those who want to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy there are some basic guidelines that must be followed from the beginning of pregnancy until a few months after birth, a period that many women neglect.

Weight control in pregnancy

control-weight-in-pregnancyAn excessive weight gain in pregnancy (increase more than 15 kilos), is detrimental for the health of mother as well as baby. Also it’s a risk factor for skin overstretch and breakage of dermis fibers. A sudden weight gain and weight loss after birth favors the appearance of stretch marks, irreparable damage to the skin. The weight at the end of the pregnancy depends on the initial weight of the woman. If you are underweight at the time of pregnancy, need to gain more weight.

Keep skin hydrated

keep-skin-hydrated-in-pregnancyTo keep skin hydrated during pregnancy, is important. However drink a lot of water, and increase consumption of foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. If your body is hydrated, you will be away from many complications. As well as start using stretch mark creams from the first trimester to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Food to prevent stretch marks

Women don’t usually care about food while they are pregnant. But food can be great allies in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Especially foods rich in vitamin A (dairy products, carrots, apricots, persimmons), vitamin E (vegetable oils, cereals, fruits) and vitamin C (citrus, potatoes, lettuce, tomato) and magnesium , essential for collagen synthesis.

foods-to-prevent-stretch-marksThe essential fatty acids are present in vegetables, therefore, vegetable and fish oils, provide elasticity to the skin, and promote collagen production. Fruits, which are rich in vitamin C, especially the kiwi, promote tissue regeneration and healing. Also include food in your diet rich in zinc, as it encourages the formation of collagen. Coconut oil, olive oil and butter are high in saturated and monounsaturated fats. They improve skin elasticity, nourish the dermis and make the body healthy.

Stretch mark creams

use-of-creams-during pregnancyYou need a cream to hydrate, revitalize and restore skin. Among the components of the creams, you have to find the containing Centella asiatica, (acting as bioestimulante), jojoba and borage oils, vitamin E and rosehip oil (for remedial effect).

The rosehip oil contains high levels of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids with significant power to regenerate skin tissue.

You should have to apply the cream twice a day, morning and evening, to keep skin hydrated and protected throughout the day. Apply in circular movements which stimulate circulation and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

We hope these tips help you preventing stretch marks in pregnancy, as far as possible, reduce their appearance. Anyway, bit like wrinkles are a part of pregnancy process, don’t worry about those, will vanish gradually after birth.

Note: Do not use creams containing Retinol-A, since they are not recommended for pregnant women or women who do breastfeeding.

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