Make Orange cheesecake following simple steps

Today, we bring you a recipe for a dessert that is a source of delight for people of all age. It’s an Orange cheesecake with Oreo cookies. The truth is that it is highly rich in taste as well as flavor. It’s bit different from the ordinary cakes. It is also easy to prepare, you just need to follow simple steps.

You will like this Orange cheesecake recipe a lot for sure. I have found it a real treat for all guests invited for party as the orange gives an amazing touch to this cheesecake that’s just umMmm! So let’s try it, you will love it. It’s nothing cloying, but yummy. Let’s start to prepare Orange cheesecake;

Make Orange cheesecake following simple steps

The basic ingredients you need to follow this recipe are;

Ingredients for Orange cheesecake:

200 gm. Oreo cookies

80 gm. Unsalted melted butter

Two medium size oranges

1 packets of unflavored gelatin

1 tablespoons sugar

300ml. Condensed Milk

Approximately ½ cup of Water

600 ml. Thickened cream

300 gm. cheese cream

1 can of frozen fruits for garnish (optional)

1 teaspoon of Vegetable oil for greasing the pan

Method for Orange cheesecake

Grate oranges using grater. Now with the help of a juicer get the juice as well. Then with the help of a chopper crush Oreo cookies until they crushed finely. Now mix these crushed cookies well with the melted butter. Now take a Springform baking pan, grease it with oil and put this cookies mixture. Now firmly press the mixture using a spoon until you get leveled smooth layer. Now cover this pan with Aluminium foil, so that we can un-mold the cake easily without cracking after preparation. Put this cookies mixture pan to the freezer for little while so that cookies layer gets set well at least for 10 minutes. Meanwhile we will prepare the cream mixture to fill this crust base. In a blender put the cheese cream, thickened cream, condensed milk and beat until get a thick smooth cream mixture. Add the orange zest and beat to mix it well with the cream mixture. Now take out the cookies crust base from the refrigerator and pour this cream mixture on that crust base. With the help of a rubber spatula make a proper layer of cream mixture over cookies crust. Put this pan into refrigerator again for 30 minutes. Now we will prepare orange jelly. Turn on the stove; bring a pan to it with ½ cup water. On boiling add sugar plus gelatin and stir well to dissolve it. Now we take the pan off from fire and will add 250 ml. orange juice. Stir it well until cool down. Take out the pan from refrigerator and pour this jelly mixture on top. With rubber spatula make smooth layer and decorate frozen fruits like cherries or oranges over it. Your Orange cheesecake is ready. You can also decorate it with whipped cream or chocolate sticks or flowers. Put this Orange cheesecake into the refrigerator at least for 4 hours to set well. After 4 hours take Orange cheesecake out from the refrigerator, un-mold it onto a platter, cut into pieces and enjoy with family members or guests. I’m sure you would love this delicious Oreo cookies Orange cheesecake.

Enjoy 🙂

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