It’s time to update your makeup bag for this fall

As we know the summer season has ended up and we have stepped in fall, so you all ladies need to update your makeup bag. Makeup definitely has to include new fall goods in addition to skin care products that also need to be replaced. So be ready to update your makeup bag this season with somehow moisturizing products.

What is the most recommended list for ‘Fall Makeup’?

Autumn has come, summer has lasted, s, liquid foundation with oil control specialty need to be closed up. Now a big cosmetic updates require for all ladies’ bags, replace them by a variety of moisturizing makeup products. But the issue is there are many products available in the market, what is the most recommended? Here we bring a list of makeup products to update your makeup bag. Here’s you go;

Bare Minerals original foundation with SPF

bare minerals powderIt’s not just available for fall but is ideal for all kinds of skin all the year round, even sensitive skin or the skin is prone to acne can use this bare minerals. Usage of this main mineral powder does not hurt the skin, loose skin texture in general will not cause too much heavy look, and acts as a certain modified concealer. It’s advised to wear freely this foundation anytime in this fall and update your makeup bag.

RMK Creamy foundation with SPF

RMK Creamy foundation It’s very suitable for dry skin to use. It gives a smooth texture if wear bit partial thick layer. If the women with oily skin want to use it; do not consider thick layer but a sufficient quantity or few drops on whole face are enough, it is best to use a sponge to spread evenly. This is also a best option to update your makeup bag.

Burberry sheer or velvet luminous liquid foundation

BURBERRY liquid foundationIf you girls want to update your makeup bag, and smash the market, choose this foundation as Burberry makeup is also liked and included in star’s product list. Texture needs to wear in more thin way, relatively good foundation for your skin girls, and moisturizing is also very good, but does not wear excessively if your skin is more oily, but women with mixed or partial oily skin can use. It gives gorgeous look.

IOPE cushion blusher with SPF

IOPE cushion foundationConcealer section is divided into two ranges for natural looks. Respectively, there are three kinds of different color numbers available, but Rose pink is more in fashion this season. It’s bit tough to wear makeup while the moisture is high in the air. This cushion blusher will give your face natural shine, while not need to use loose powder to hold in makeup, may be appropriate to use moisturizing spray to last makeup for more hours.

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