Bright dip dye hair more stylish this season

Today, we are revealing one of the latest and most daring trends of the season for hair dying. Pink, blue and purple tones at the end breaks are chosen the most daring to dye women hair. So be more stylize by adapting the natural dying trend as only the tips. I’m sure this bright dip dye hair will make you look great this season.

Bright dip dye hair more stylish this season

bright-hair-dyesThe trend of the gradient started with clothing, nails and now after great positive response, women like the same for hair. The good thing about this trend is that you can play with colors as it’s a fun, also can wear a model style through bright dip dye hair . The only thing you have to consider is what you intend to use color should be according to your skin tone, because not all colors will be suited well according to skin tone. Forget about that pink or blue hair colors, only for urban tribes. More colors like orange or bluish grey, dark blue and violet are now much trendy.

bright-dip-dyesA very great option is to dye your hair with a gradient in several bright colours like blue and purple, green and blue, purple and pink, yellow and pink etc. There are endless options for bright dip dye hair. The objective is to emulate the hair of a mermaid with the combination of impossible colours. Here’re some keys to consider how you can stylize you through a bright dip dye hair temporary fantasy;

If you have dark hair, don’t choose too light shades as these colours won’t go well; try to follow red or orange. And if you are blonde this trend is made especially for you because all the colours will look perfect for your hair.

Different ways to get temporary bright dip dye hair

There are several products of different ways to get temporary bright dip dye hair. Let’s thrash out some of them one by one;


hair sprayThese colours are gone after washing the hair so it’s ideal for those who do not want to take a risk and want something temporary to get bright dip dye hair .

How to apply?

First put on some gloves, then get a towel and put it on over and around the shoulders. Brush your hair, divide it into sections and gets a clip all over, stand in front of mirror to see what you do, unclip sections one by one and do spray at the tips. here’s you ready with bright dip dye hair.

Styling Gel

manic-panic-styling-gelsThese colours are also removed by washing. These colours give your hair a permanent dyed look.

How to apply?

Use these gels always in small quantities in tuft of dry hair with the help of fingers or a comb. You can easily use it by squeezing tubes to get bright dip dye hair.


cream-hair-colorThe semi-permanent Manic Panic last from 4-7 weeks and come in many colours.

How to apply?

Wash your hair with shampoo and dry it by using towel. Put in a bowl the required amount of cream, add the liquid available with the cream in box; mix it well. Comb your hair until it cream mixture becomes frothy; then apply, leave on for 15-30 minutes. If you want to add more intensity to the colour you must add heat with a hairdryer. Then rinse your hair. Hey! you have got bright dip dye hair.

Soft pastels chalks

temporary-color-hair-chalk-dyeYou can dye your hair using soft pastels chalks and it will stay in your hair for couple of days.

How to use?

Grab a towel around your shoulder; dip the chalk in few drops of water, it will release colour. Wet a section of your hair you want to dip dye. Rub the wet chalk over wet portion of hair. Once you have done, blows dry or heat your hair. After it gets dry, you can stylize your hair as you want.

Rub Colour of Hair Flairs

hair-flaris-color-rubThey are like eye shadows technique. You can dye your hair as you desire. It also goes with a single wash.

How to apply?

It’s quite easy; wet a section of your hair you want to dip dye. Slide down your hair section working with Colour rub.


crepe-paper-hair-dyeIt’s quite amazing to dye your hair using Crepe paper. It lasts more than a couple of washes, especially if you have very light or bleached hair.

How to apply?

Take water in a pot and place into it the strips of crepe paper of colour you want. Boil it for about 10 minutes. Remove the strips of crepe paper; use remaining water for hair dye.

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