Make beautiful bowls as decoration using old useless buttons

We all have loads of old useless buttons around the home, so today I decided to make a stunning button bowl using some cheap and easily available materials. I know you all getting crazy to know about such fantastic idea, so sticking me here to grab this awesome method of making a button bowl using old useless buttons. Let’s get started, it’s really going to be a great fun. The old stuff will be transferred into something beautiful and amazing. You can also use this button bowl as a gift to your fellows.

What you will require:

Flat old useless buttons of desired colors and different sizes, if you take small buttons they will tend to stick in a better way.


White glue or Mod podge, or any good quality glue what you usually use, anything that turns clear after getting dried.

Large paint brush


Glass or Mug to balance balloon on while it dries


1- Take a balloon and blow it up to the desired size you want your bowl to be, tie a knot on it and put side down into a glass, mug or jar that you don’t mind getting a little glue on.

2- Now coat half of the balloon with glue using a paintbrush, if you feel comfort can use your finger rather than a brush. You might have to exchange holding the balloon by the knot for few minutes then setting it knot-side-down in the glass so to get an even coat of glue and not drip off.

3- You have to let the glue get dried completely to form a layer of rubber-like protection between the balloon and your layer of old useless buttons.

4- When the first layer gets completely dried, you need to apply a second coat of glue at the top of the balloon using your brush or finger whatever you like and spread it down toward the knot. Attach old useless buttons to this layer neatly and close together as you find best.

5- You need to continue adding the second layer of glue and attaching old useless buttons until half of the balloon is covered with old useless buttons.

6- Once you have arranged the buttons in a good way, turn your button covered balloon upside down in your glass or mug to get settled well and to avoid your buttons from sliding down the balloon while they get dried.

7- You need to have patience for some time and let the layer of glue as well as old useless buttons get dried completely, it usually requires about 4 to 5 hours.

8- Once the second layer of glue as well as buttons completely get dried, coat the old useless buttons over again with a third layer using glue.

9- Allow this third layer of glue to get dried absolutely. I usually let it sit overnight and if you like to make it more durable or strong can apply a fourth layer of glue.

10- Once the bowl entirely gets dried completely, cut the knot of the balloon using a scissor and slowly let the air out.

Old useless buttons

11- Your beautiful button bowl is ready from old useless buttons. You can use it only for decorative purpose.

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