Delicious desserts: Prepare easily on any event

One of the most pleasing ways to treat your friends and loved ones is to prepare your favorite delicious desserts. Here, we are share a list of most adorable and delicious desserts that people love to have after meal. A sweet bite can change your bad day into something pleasant. Rich flavors of these homemade delicious desserts make everyone’s heart happy. Let’s review a list of the most preferred desserts.

Tiramisu cake


It’s popular as well as one of the delicious desserts that people frequently like to order. Tiramisu is a characteristic sweet of Italy, and belong to the region of Tuscany. It is a light as well as fresh dessert made with mascarpone cheese, vanilla coffee, and juice plus coco powder. It gives amazing taste. Delicious!

Egg custard


The flan dish is very characteristic, also a national cuisine. All grandmothers have a recipe with some secret modification that makes it a family favorite dessert. It is a most wanted dish of all age people and you can add in it any desired flavor for a new taste. If you add little condensed milk and cream, it can be a great item of any feast for your mates. Tip to enjoy delicious homemade custard is, if you serve egg custard with caramel pancakes, can turn an awful day into something better.



The cheesecake is one of the typical American cuisine delicious desserts, even though its origin is Europe. It is an internationally popular dessert; people of all countries love to add it in their festivity menu. The most frequent ingredients used to get ready it are, mascarpone cheese, cookies for a base and topping of sweet cocktail fruits or canned strawberries, truly a luscious combination. It’s one of the delicious desserts that no one can hold its hand to taste. Well! It’s easy to make and yummy to eat.

Brownies with ice cream


No one can deny this delicious conjugation, chocolate square bar with semi soft nuts such as pistachio, almonds, cashew etc. plus a scoop of ice cream on top as well as, crowning with caramel sauce or chocolate sauce. Wow! Ummm yummy, hopefully your mouth is watering.

Floating Island


A dessert so easy to make that almost a little time requires preparing it. It is made up of soft and fluffy meringue that is cooked in a pudding mold or custard and served with zabaglione or sabayon sauce. Sweet but not cloying, it’s a dessert easy to make and perfect for any occasion. It’s also most wanted dessert of all age people.



Typical and classic, belongs to Argentina, one of the most favorite and loved dessert among children as well as adults. It’s literally resembled to chocolate cheese cake. Layers of chocolate chip cookies, cream cheese and crunch caramel bestow it with an amazing look plus yummy taste. Some people also like to add strawberries or bananas. Ice cream with whipped cream is used to decorate, also grated chocolate or meringues.

Ice Cream


It’s a best choice for gourmets. Everyone likes to visit an ice cream parlor where he/she can find almost all the favorite flavors. It’s not just a dessert of summer season, but like throughout the year and at all times. In a bowl, or cornet, or capelin, dipped in chocolate, 2-3 scoops of ice cream, wow! It is the best dessert to enjoy especially in cold weather.



Some people prefer pancakes with caramel fillings, or with ice cream or with fruit plus liquor, but we all are delighted with this delicious dessert. Always present on weddings candy tables at the best restaurants or hotels. It’s is wonderful dessert to serve for any family event. Delightful!

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