Surprising uses of salt for household cleaning

There are thousands of uses of salt, let’s discuss about some of them. Salt always uses for cooking, but also has other functions that can help us in cleaning the house. It’s a best cleaning agent that helps to keep the colors of the fabrics safe. It removes the stains that ruin our dresses in parks or can heal the pain of a bee sting. Furthermore, using excess in eating is harmful to our health. Here we are mentioning some uses of salt that will be very useful for solving everyday situations. Get what they are about;

Surprising uses of salt for household cleaning


To clean egg dropped on floor

How many times have you dropped an egg on the floor? It is horrible to clean the slimy, slippery dirty floor. Try sprinkling salt on the egg and let stand 20 minutes, and then you can clean it with ease.

To put out fires

In the kitchen many accidents can happen, one of them is related to cooking food that contains fat or oil. If fire turns high because of oil or fats, never try to turn it down with water, put salt on it immediately.

To clean oven

If you have something in the oven overflowing like fountain after overcooked, put salt on the base of oven to prevent the smell and smoke rise; once the oven gets cold, do it clean immediately.

To remove stains

You can use ½ cup of salt with half a cup of vinegar in half a bucket of water to soak a garment that has been dyed another color; this can only be done when the fabric is of a uniform color. You can also use the same procedure to remove stains from clothes.

Prevent clothes fading

If in a bucket soak clothes with half cup vinegar and half a cup salt, it will prevent clothes from getting fade colors.

Clean the dishes

It does clean the stains of coffee and tea in china cups. Rub with salt and then clean the surface with water to remove stains. Oily kitchen clothes can also be cleaned using salt  in boiling water.

To kill fleas

Add half cup salt to a bucket of water and wash your floor with this water. You will get rid of fleas.

To clean artificial flowers

In a plastic bag, add salt and then put artificial flowers, close it tightly and shake well; you will see how it has been getting clean and all salty water turn dirty.

To clean the Iron

Sprinkle salt on a wax paper, now move the iron over it and then rub the iron surface with a suitable sponge. Your iron will turn into new one.

Remove the weeds from garden

Sometime weeds grow spontaneously along with grass in the gardens or parks. You do not need to ruin grass or plants, sprinkle salt and pour hot water on those weeds, they would die themselves.

Hopefully, the new uses of salt listed above will serve to take care of your clothes, your park or gardens, your pots, your wooden boards, your decorations, your floor, and your health as well.

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