5 Best Hair Removal Methods: Which method do you use?

Always be ready for any occasion is not as simpler for women as you think. A party, an evening on pool, vacation, a visit to the doctor or even attend a simple get together; hair removal is always a hurdle while getting ready or staying somewhere for long time.For feminist, the only part of the body where they want to have hair is their heads. Since historical times, men and women have sought to get rid of unwanted hair from different areas of the body.

5 Best Hair Removal Methods: Which method do you use?

hair-removalCurrently, numerous methods are used for Hair Removal, with their own characteristics, pros and cons. In this article, I will summarize some of Hair Removal techniques and their pros & cons.


waxingWax is the most common method of Hair Removal, used everywhere, moreover necessitates repeating after every month. Due to wax the hair follicle removes completely, as a result the hair gets weakened and it growth decreases slowly as well as number plus thickness over time.


Sometimes this Hair Removal method can causes dark spots on the skin, since the high temperature of the wax, also causes trauma due to pull, an inflammatory process that leads to increase melanin. Another of its problems is often it embodies the hair.


To prevent stains, avoid sun exposure until 24 hours before and after waxing. If you have sensitive skin, opt for cold-wax, containing Aloe Vera.Before waxing, the skin should be washed to prevent infection, plus apply cream or lotion after waxing to avoid irritation. Use hot wax twice a month as it does weaken the hair follicle. Try to get 6-8 sessions of Oxygen therapy of blue peel by visiting a good skin specialist after hot waxing. Take about 1tbsp moisturizing milk, add chick pea size vitamin A cream, mix it well and apply on face at bed time. After 1 month you will see amazing results.


laser-hair-removalLight emissions of laser generated a thermal effect which destroys the follicle. Soprano XL laser and Candela is the best technology to remove hair for long period. This Hair Removal method is also ideal to brighten dark areas, or if you suffer from folliculate issue (ingrown hairs).


This type of hair removal is permanent; however certain factors, such as hormonal changes, generating hair growth, can happen, so, once the treatment is completed, annual tweaks are required.


Don’t use wax during this treatment. The day prior to application, shave the area properly to attend the session without hairs on the surface of the skin.It is essential go for treatment to certified place as if the laser is misapplied, can cause burns, scars, skin discoloration and swelling.


creams-and-razorHair removing creams or razors are totally painless and make the process quick and easy. This Hair Removal method is economic that you can apply throughout the year, at any stage of life, including pregnancy. This method does not cause allergies, also prevent staining.


In some cases, the creams can cause irritation or allergy with the presence of redness, scaling and itching, so it is recommended to check the reaction of the skin by applying a small amount of cream on a part where you want to be removed hair. If in 24 hours do not produce any reaction, you can use it without any fear. By using creams or razors the hair grows back quickly, usually within two days, and can generate follicles and incarnation.


epilatorThe electric epilator can be an excellent solution for those who have a tendency to ingrown hairs, a very common problem in many women who use the epilator or waxing.


To avoid this imperfection, it is essential to use scrub at least three times a week on the parts where you use epilator. It’s also very important to keep your epilated skin moisturised with specific creams that soften plus facilitate the growth of hair.

There are many home or natural remedies to remove hair permanently over time, also harmless to use. Here’s you go;

Raw Papaya contains an active enzyme “Papain” that is able to breakdown hair follicle completely plus prevents the quick hair growth. It’s best for sensitive skin, makes fine hair less prominent, in addition to improve skin texture.

How to use?

evening_primroseMix up ½ tsp turmeric powder with 2 tbsp Raw Papaya paste, massage on face for about 10-15 minutes then wash out with lukewarm water. Repeat this method after a week.

Try to have a capsule of Evening Primrose oil about 200mg if possible twice a day but don’t use if you are pregnant. Your hair growth will decrease consistently.

Consult your physician prior to follow any suggestions provided in this article

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