Best tips to keep perfume fragrant all day

A major problem that many people have is that they want perfumes that last longer. They are unaware that in most of the cases, it is not the perfume that is letting them down. There are certain ways and areas to apply the fragrance to make sure the scent remains with you for a while. Applying the fragrance at pulse points is very important. Also, layering the fragrance with the help of body wash and moisturizer is very important. Here’re best tips to keep perfume fragrant all day.

How you can smell good entire day…

1- Choose a decent brand

One of the tips to keep perfume fragrant, it is important that the scent you are using is also good. Try using a decent brand which also smells good. Always use brands that you have heard or tried before. Also keeping the perfume in a cool dark place is also very important as you lose the potency of the perfume if it is kept in sunlight. In this way, you can preserve the fragrance longer.

2- Nicely layer the fragrance

Layering is very important before you apply perfume. It is always nice to use shower gel and a good shampoo in the shower before you get ready. Use a nice moisturising cream when you get out of the shower to establish a good scent on your body. If you use perfume after layering, it will definitely last longer.

3- Use perfume before putting clothes on

It is always nice to use the perfume before you put your clothes on. The best time is when you get out of the shower as at that time body pores are open for some time. Wearing a perfume after you dress up may result in stains on your clothes. To avoid this, it is appropriate to use the scent some time before you change.

4- Spray from a distance

Spraying from a distance helps in avoiding the visible wet stains on your clothes which may eventually disappear afterwards, but do not look good. Try spraying from a minimum distance of 12 inches so that you step into the cloud that is created. In this way, the fragrance is equally distributed and less perfume is used.

5- Apply perfume on pulse points

Pulse points are areas which produce heat. The sweat produced in these areas may result in the scent evaporating quickly so it is important to use the fragrance in these areas. The pulse points include the base area of the throat, at the bend of the elbow, wrists and temples.

These are some of the best tips to keep perfume fragrant all day. Try and share your feed back with us.

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