Revealing Beauty! Gold Creams and Facial treatment

Aging skin is a common issue with passing time, but you can stop this appearing on skin. The latest trend about getting rid of wrinkles is a mask made from pure gold 24 carat, which began using in major spas of Japan then moved to the rest of the world; these Gold Creams and Facial treatment help in renewal of the skin, keeping skin beautifulyoungglowing, free of sun spots plus worse effects of aging factors.

gold-creams-and-gelsThe Gold Creams and Facial treatment contain an antioxidant, have rejuvenating effect against wrinkles, help repair and renew skin, give firmness and luminosity. It’s truly a treat for your skin. It’s a firming treatment with rejuvenating effect able to fight wrinkles, skin spots, fine lines and signs of aging, sagging and loss of brightness. Gold is high in antioxidants; it’s anti-allergic and provides energy to your skin cells.With its refreshing, energizing and anti-fatigue effect and its anti-inflammatory properties stimulates blood circulation eliminating signs of fatigue such as dark circles and giving an even tone.

cleopatra_natural_goldAncient cultures were used gold to preserve the beauty and remove wrinkles. Also it’s said that Cleopatra used to make a mask of pure gold to apply on body while sleeping to keep its skin radiant and younger looking. It’s also famous that Elizabeth Taylor used to apply masks with pure gold 24 kt. In the same way, the wives of the Chinese emperors were used gold massage roller on their faces to avoid wrinkles and maintain young look. When gold combined with other antioxidants, it increases the efficiency at the molecular level. Gold Creams and Facial treatment contain gold that penetrates deeply into dermis lower levels of the skin, to protect new cells and stimulate collagen production.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that releases free radicals, which can damage or kill cells of normal, healthy skin. Your body needs antioxidants to prevent oxidation reactions that damage healthy cells. When these healthy cells of the skin are get damaged or killed due to oxidation, resulting in a collapse of the collagen and elastin loss. The breakdown of collagen and elastin loss is the main cause of wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging. Antioxidants work to slow down and stop the damage occurs due to oxidation and Gold is the number one antioxidant, it increases the effectiveness of other antioxidants. Other antioxidants that body needs are vitamin A, vitamin E and glutathione. These ingredients are often found in some of the best wrinkle creams.

Revealing Beauty! Gold Creams and Facial treatment

gold-creams-and-facial-treatmentGold Creams and Facial treatment are well renowned in cosmetic industry. In cosmetics, one of its most notable features is to give radiance to the skin, as it stimulates blood microcirculation. By improving circulation helping diminish dark circles and revitalize the skin.It enhances the formation of cells in the basal layer and in turn stimulates cell growth.

Here’s a method how to use Gold Creams and Facial treatment for effective results;

Clean your skin thoroughly with cleanser and applying a facial tonic to moisten the skin. Now, apply a moisturizing anti-aging serum on the skin. For a full gold facial treatment you can use a gold fluid base.

Then, apply gold mask. Gold Facials is available in the form of sheets, masks or cream, is applied directly to the skin after cleaning and moisturizing with cool mist and moisturizing serum.

gold-facial-treatmentLeave on the skin for 20 minutes to fully absorb the mineral. No need to remove the product, unlike other masks; do gently massage after 20 minutes of its application.

To enhance the effect of gold, the gold mask can be enriched with other minerals such as copper, zinc and magnesium, to enhance collagen production, as well as natural honey and milk nutrients leave skin hydrated and luminous.

gold-facial-treatment-2You will feel your skin firmer, hydrated and luminous after first application. You can follow a treatment of 4 sessions after every 15 days to tighten skin, improve tone and brightness.

Note: We recommend you to buy always branded cosmetics like Brilliance Gold Face Mask Set, Pro-nu, Prosana 24 Karat Gold Collagen Facial Mask and other brands that are putting exclusive shops for selling gold containing cosmetics or Gold Creams and Facial treatment.

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