Making fair complexion by home remedies

Every lady desires a damsel beauty. She wants a marks free, fair complexion. For fair complexion only homemade remedies are not enough. They should also follow proper diet and some precautions. Here, we are going to share some easy methods making white as well as fair complexion by home remedies. But to get a clearer tone, better, effective results and healthier skin, these remedies should be applied frequently. Preferably include them in a list of your daily skin care schedule.

Making fair complexion by home remedies

Implementation of remedies

Face packs for fair complexion

* For making fair complexion by home remedies, mix 1 tsp of milk powder with 1 teaspoon of lime juice and honey together with another half teaspoon of almond oil. Put this mask on your face for about 15 minutes and then rinse to remove the dried mask. It will add lightness to your skin.

*You can combine oatmeal with curd and tomato juice, apply on face, leave for 20 minutes then rinse softly with chill water. This also facilitates to eliminate pigmentation and brightens the skin.

face-pack* For fair complexion by home remedies the raw potatoes are recognized very well. Potatoes play important role to get rid of marks, blemishes and imperfections of the skin.

*A mixture of dried orange zest and ricotta has the same effects and help make complexion fair. Remember to rinse with cold water after fifteen minutes.

*The mixture of turmeric and lime juice or chopped tomato and lime juice applied to the face for 20 minutes twice a day, provides real lighting effect after two or three weeks.

You can also soak four almonds in water overnight. In the morning you grind them into a paste and put this mask on the face and neck by night. Wash out with lukewarm water in the morning. A daily appliance of this mask shows fruitful results within 15 days, after that you can reduce the regularity to twice a week.

skin-fair-mask*A spoonful of gram flour mixed with 2 tablespoons of milk and a few drops of lemon juice is known to help get a clearer skin. This facial mask should be left on the face for fifteen minutes every day for four weeks. After this, it is sufficient to be applied only once a week. It’s one of the best method for making fair complexion by home remedies.

*You can also apply a paste of chopped fresh mint leaves over the face for 20 minutes, which will have illuminators effects.

* Another well-known mask to clarify the skin is to combine half a banana with a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of sour cream. This should be left on face for just half an hour. After this, use a soft cloth to clean your skin.

* For oily skin, a face pack of sandalwood powder and oats should be applied, will get your desired results.

Diet Tips

balanced-dietThere is not any magical food in particular that gives you a clearer skin overnight. However, a balanced diet helps in whitening process giving the skin a glow that makes it look lighter. Moisturize your skin with blemish free moisturizer and keep drinking at least six to eight glasses of water per day; you can increase consumption depending on your stay in sunlight hours. Stay away from greasy as well as junk foods and chomp through lots of fibrous foods to rinse the bowels, as it directly influences the health and complexion of the skin.

General measures

Always apply a sunscreen when you step out your home. Tone your skin, if possible, with a homemade cucumber juice tonic. Whenever clean your skin with a towel, make circular movements that go from the chin up. This will keep your skin younger and prevent it from falling. Never massage your skin harshly or stroke up strong movements while you’re washing or exfoliating your skin. Spray your skin with rosewater thrice a day in summer and once in winter.

Don’t forget to follow these methods making fair complexion by home remedies.

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