Terrible habits: Good wife should avoid making pleasant relation

Some terrible habits either of husbands or wives are the major reasons of spoiling a relation. I’ve always been in favor of justice and respect that should require every woman, I believe that none of us should let other people play with our feelings as well as self-esteem, but also agree that we must give to others all we hope they give us and should keep a balance in relationship.

For that reason, I want to share with you some important points that I think we as wives take into account while dealing with our caring husbands; we should provide esteem level of love and respect that our admirable and exceptional husbands deserve. Here’re some terrible habits: good wife should avoid making making pleasant relation  Let’s have a view over these chief points:

Terrible habits: Good wife should avoid making pleasant relation

Stop thinking you’re always right

An angry coupleThe fact is that your husband does or thinks differently from what you do. Sometimes your husband doesn’t understand well what you speak; or might be you thinking something wrong what actually your husband doesn’t like. Remember that your ideas are not always right, might be you are wrong sometimes, so you have to learn how to control such situation making pleasant relation.

Don’t put others examples before your husband

Husband wife fightingOne of the foundations of happy marriage is to satisfy each others for mutual relationship, those satisfying words should be between two individuals, where both must learn to love, respect and understand each other minds. So, if you want to teach him something, don’t put others examples before him, you should give your partner the importance. Also, special place in your life; keep a balance, neither more, nor less for making pleasant relation.

Never dishonor your husband

girl boy arguingRespect your husband in every sense and in any situation. Never miss out an evidence giving respect to him and must solve your problems alone at home. If you do respect of your husband other will do as well. Don’t try to interrupt him in front of others, let him finish then you can put your words. Also, always respect his wishes for making pleasant relation.

Don’t judge your husband for the mistakes of other men

do-not-judge-your-husbandIf your trust bases on the actions and suggestions of others, then those unfounded fears rob the joy and peace of your happy marriage. Don’t judge your husband for the mistakes of others. The people, who are jealous of your relation, always try to blow your happy relation off. Try to trust only in your husband actions and words for making pleasant relation.

Don’t expect to read the mind

girl fighting boyOne of the mistakes that women often commit is to expect their spouses to act or think like diviners, causing for them great frustration and a lot of fights for no reason. So let them relax and do what they want for making pleasant relation. It’s better if you consider them as partners, rather than puppets.

Stop making chores ahead of your husband

husband wife in kitchenMany couples fall into an abyss due to indifference that potentially leads to separation. The relation breaks due to the lack of interest of both or one of the couple. As a woman, you have to give respect and consider him exceptional part of your life, but you also should give your husband the same consideration and respect that you want, only then you can save your happy life and can meet your requirements.

Don’t stop caring your husband

dont-stop-caring-your-husbandDon’t ignore your husband when he needs you. Always stay with him in bad circumstances. Whenever he is upset, hug tightly and try to console him for making pleasant relation. Make him assured that you are always there for him through thick and thin. Husband needs her wife intensely at night, he want to sleep hugging his wife. Do special care of him whenever he is ill, because it’s a fact husband turns stubborn in sickness.

Don’t expect your husband to be a prince

husband wife kissingAfter all, the perfect husband exists only in fairy tales not in real life, however it is a marriage, blending of two souls, a lifetime union. Instead of focusing on the shortcomings of your husband try to focus on his good deeds for making pleasant relation; what you have to do is to recognize the wonderful things he has; only this can encourage him, also will keep him happy as a result he can be a man of your dreams.

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