Dark circles spoil your beauty, get rid of it

A poor night sleep, signs of tiredness, deficiency of vitamins, weather conditions or hereditary factors can diminish vitality of your eyes. These factors also generate dark circles the protagonists. In today’s article we will mention some beauty tips to make them go. The dark circles are the result of genetic load, this signs usually appear when you have not rested enough. Also they appear with such presence that sometimes neither the money is able to conceal. Sure, makeup is a great ally to hide, but other natural remedies can work for wonders. If you do not get enough sleep it can cause stress. This in turn will not only bring you out dark circles, but can also give the appearance of depressed older person. Also If you do not sleep long enough will cause your skin look pale due to lack of circulation. However, make sure that every night you get at least 6 hours of sleep. Let’s talk about all such products in detail because dark circle spoil your beauty, get rid of it.

Dark circles spoil your beauty, get rid of it

rosemerry tea bagsRosemary tea bags are a good source to increase circulation in your eyes area. Soak tea bags in chill water and squeeze out the excess water from the tea bags, then placed the bags on your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes; you will observe effective results within some days of using it. These are able to eliminate dark circles; Tea bags contain tannins that help you decrease the amount of swelling and discolouration in the area beneath your eyes.

facial-serum-dark-circleMoisturisers with Vitamin C and antioxidants help maintain collagen which is a basic requirement under your eyes; well, make sure the moisturiser gently touches the delicate skin under your eyes instead of rubbing it, Here are some moisturisers with Vitamin C that you can use;

Facial Serum with Vitamin C and E Premier Dead Sea

Renewal Moisturiser Beauty without Cruelty Vitamin C with CoQ10

Sun screenUse sunscreen with at least SPF 15 (but preferably SPF 20) daily to prevent the appearance of dark circles, because the sun’s rays are extremely dangerous for your skin  as it makes skin damaged.

Massage the area beneath your eyes using almond oil before bed for 2 weeks. The massage will allow the oil to penetrate below your skin to help improve circulation in the area.

cucumber-on-eyesCut some fresh cucumbers pieces and place in the refrigerator or in the freezer for an hour, then keep the slices of fresh cucumber on your closed eyelids, this will help you get rid of those dark circles under the eyes.

Dip a cotton ball in rose water and apply to the area under the eyes for 10 minutes, until rose water penetrates your skin to relieve tiredness of your eyes, and will absorb all the toxins causing your dark circles.

The crushed Mint leaves can be applied in the area under the eyes for 20 minutes. The mint leaves will provide a fresh, tingling sensation, increase circulation and remove those ugly dark circles.

turmeric-maskCombine pineapple juice and turmeric powder, mix them well and apply this mixture on the area of your black circles, it’ll help you eliminate them naturally.

Some cases of dark circles may indicate the deficiency of Vitamin K. Buy a cream containing vitamin K and apply daily on the area below the eyes, this might help in reducing the swelling and discolouration, Here are some moisturisers that contain Vitamin K;

Reviva, Vitamin K Cream, 1.5 oz cream

Vitamin K Creme Plus 2 oz

Spas in India use a completely natural nasal cleaner to remove dark circles under the eyes. Tilt your head back slightly and pour some water into one nostril and the water will come out the other nostril. This remedy will not only reduce your dark circles, but also make your skin extremely radiant.

dark-circlesPotatoes are used to remove dark circles. Potatoes contain enzymes that help lighten skin. These enzymes absorb toxins that cause dark circles under the eyes, and let under the eyes skin clear and fresh.

Chamomile tea helps reduce inflammation and clean, so it is one of the most recognized homemade tricks to diminish dark circles. Prepare this tea and let cool down, once you get a good temperature, apply it with cotton for half an hour on eyes. Repeat the process whenever you feel you have lost freshness.

In brief, dark circles spoil your beauty, get rid of it by using these mentioned remedies.

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