DIY wall art and wall decor affordable ideas for home

Are you looking for some affordable wall decor ideas? Don’t waste your time to follow those old fashioned wallpapers or white wash ideas. Creative, attractive and always popular, DIY wall art has the power of innovation to any home. The walls of a home depict a lot about taste, personality and style of a person. If you put out your essence in wall decoration, will definitely get creative results. Also, it’s guaranteed you’ll get comfy feelings.

So, if what you want adding color, style, an excitement to your home, pay attention to DIY wall decor. Here, I’m sharing some modern and affordable DIY art or decor ideas for home walls. They will definitely give prominence to the walls of your home.

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DIY wall art and wall decor ideas

Follow and enjoy these stylish and most beautiful wall art ideas. I’ll discuss a number of alternatives and share you few tips to modernize the walls of home. Such wall decor will definitely modernize the interior of your home.

DIY wall art using Paper, metallic paper or card sheet

Are you bored of painting walls or applying wall papers? Now you can decorate home walls using papers, metallic papers or card sheets. It’s a fun & modern way to get attractive walls. Paper sheets can be an affordable alternative to decorate walls. Here I’m sharing some ideas to decorate home walls using Paper, metallic paper or card sheets.

card sheet flowers

This decor can be best for sitting room.

card sheet wall art

You can apply this style to family room. provides a complete guide regarding such decor.

DIY wall art using Paper or card sheetYou can apply this style to your bedroom.

DIY wall art using Paper, metallic paper or card sheet

DIY wall decoration using waste CDs

Decorating walls using waste CDs is a great idea. It also adds amazing attraction when light shines on it. The rainbow colors can grab anyone attention.

You just need to have waste CDs, no longer in use. It’s affordable recycling wall art. Cut the CDs into pieces and arranged on walls using glue. After arranging all the pieces now follow grouting process. But before grouting, do wet the surface. Fill up all the cracks. Wait for half an hour then clean the surface.

Here’s the tutorial to follow

DIY wall decoration using waste CDs

DIY wall art with colored scotch tape

For this DIY wall decor, you don’t need to buy expensive material. Most probably you have handy it. In the tutorial, I’m going to share, just multi colored scotch tape is used. Follow the steps to get this stunning wall art.

DIY wall art using colored tape

DIY wall decorwith wool or ribbons

A modern and innovative way to decorate home walls is using wool & ribbons. You can use different colors depending upon the design.

If you want simple or modest wall decoration, choose this method. There are infinite varieties and multiple choices to adopt this style of wall decor.

DIY wall art with wool or ribbon

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