Everything To Know About Gum Disease

There is nothing more terrifying and painful for people than having toothaches or other problems that are related to the gum tissue in the mouth. Therefore, it is advised that people should maintain proper oral hygiene to avoid any such problems. Otherwise, people might end up suffering from gum disease. This problem begins with irritating discomforts, but the sickness and disease can spread all over the body and eventually result in death if proper treatment isn’t sought immediately. No one is immune to this problem no matter what their age or gender is. Even if people have seemingly perfect white teeth, it is highly likely that bacteria are hiding between gums and teeth and cause dental problems in the long run.

Major gum diseases are basically of two types:


Major gum diseases are basically of two types and are called periodontitis and gingivitis. The initial stage of the disease is referred to as gingivitis. Study says that a buildup of plaque on the gums and tooth is the primary reason why this disease might take root in the first place.

periodenal-diseaseWhen inflammation around the bones and ligaments that support the infected teeth occurs, this is defined as periodontitis. Bad breath, bright red or purple gums, and bleeding gums are the irritating and painful symptoms of this disease.

The disease that can be treated with considerable ease is gingivitis, as confirmed by the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA has further stated that gum disease most usually occurs because people are following an unhealthy diet plan. The gums will become severely infected if people are following a diet that doesn’t have sufficient calcium and iron, which are essential for having healthy teeth. Gingivitis and periodontitis can also occur because of the improper tooth and gum care. Using the wrong size or type of toothbrush, avoiding brushing and flossing teeth, or doing so improperly are some examples.

There are some warning signs that the gums are becoming infected and the ADA has highlighted them. They include neck and jaw pain, swelling and bleeding of gum tissue, sensitive teeth that hurt when taking drink or food or even brushing, and toothaches. A homemade remedy can be used for these symptoms, but it is best to visit a dentist immediately if any of these warning signs show up. This is due to the fact that the disease can also lead to lymph node pain in the neck, pain at the root of the gum, and headaches. Ultimately, the bacteria can spread to other parts of the body including the heart.

People suffering from this disease will suffer from sleepless nights because of the intense pain associated with it. The study says that some diseases can be relieved temporarily with home remedies such as following a healthy diet and proper dental care, but a dentist should be visited for permanent relief. Depending on the extent of the disease and the type of the problem, surgery might be performed or the tooth may be extracted. Antibiotics may also be given for dealing with unhealthy bacteria and some other procedures like soft skin grafting and root planning are also implemented.

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