Lemon Water: The Real Reason To Drink Daily

Let’s talk about the real reason why you should be drinking lemon water every single day?

The average person does not know the true benefits of drinking lemon water because it’s actually quite amazing. So, let’s discuss all of the key points one by one of drinking lemon water on a regular basis. You have the potential to reduce a fatty liver. Now, these are the phytonutrients in the lemon water that has the ability to greatly improve something called hepatic steatosisHepatic means liver and Steatosis means the infiltration of fat into the liver. So, hepatic steatosis means a fatty liver.
  • Reduces A Fatty Liver

Lemon water has the ability to dissolve the fat into the liver.  There’s another thing as well like purifying bile salts, choline, a low-fat diet as in a ketogenic diet can reduce up to 50% of the fat in your liver within 14 days but if you add a little lemon to your water you can actually speed things up.

  • Reduces Cholesterol

Alright! It can help to reduce cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a bad thing but let’s say your liver is sluggish and your gallbladder is inactive as well. You’re not producing enough bile and that’s kind of backing up in the system. Lemon water can help increase the flow of bile through the bile ducts and help remove some of the excess cholesterol that’s kind of backing up in the system.
  • Weight Loss

Lemon water does not directly help you lose weight but can indirectly help you lose weight. Now, quite a few studies on animals have shown this but I want to help you understand the mechanism. Certain phytonutrients in lemon water stimulate significantly lower blood sugars. They reduce insulin resistance so they lower insulin and that is the reason why someone can lose weight. In fact, if you really want to know how to lose weight what I would do, is not try to research how to lose weight I would research how to lower insulin because anything that lowers insulin is going to help you lose weight. In fact, the fat cells cannot shrink. It’s impossible for a fat cell to shrink without lowering insulin despite your calories.
  • Anti-aging Effects

Lemon has an anti-aging effect. The studies were done on animals but most studies do start in animals and then progress to humans. But in the five-week study, they lived it on average three weeks longer. Now you might be saying well that’s not a long time but that’s only five weeks. Think about if you start drinking lemon water on a regular basis for the rest of your life it could add up and they also found that lemon water extended the life of the microbiome (your friendly bacteria) which is pretty interesting.
  • Anti-cancer Effects

Now I’m not telling you that lemon water is going to cure your cancer. I’m not saying that but it’s something you can add to help inhibit cancer cells. In test-tube studies, it was found that certain phytonutrients in lemon water were able to kill malignant cancer,
      of the tongue
      of the lung
     and of the colon.
  • Reduces Kidney Stones

This is an important one, “the reduction of kidney stones”. Citrate in lemon juice binds with this thing called oxalate. Now the most common types of kidney stones are oxalate stones, calcium oxalate stones and so if you have citrate in your body it can bind with the oxalates to prevent the stone from occurring. And so, people that have a tendency to have kidney stones are usually low in citrates, and if you’re prone to kidney stones I would recommend you increase the amount of lemon juice to roughly about a half of a cup to a cup of lemon juice every single day.

  • Vitamin C

It can potentially give you vitamin c but only if it’s from actual lemons that have not been heated like in your lemon juice that you would get in a bottle. So, when you buy lemon juice at the store it normally comes pasteurized and the problem with vitamin c is that it’s sensitive to heat. It gets degraded and destroyed with heat. So, when you get bottled lemon juice you’re really getting next to zero vitamin c, but if you get your vitamin c from an actual lemon, let’s say you just take a lemon, and you squeeze it into water. One lemon can provide up to half of your daily recommended vitamin c or should I say almost half. So, it gives you about 31 milligrams when you need like 70% to 75% per day,
and vitamin c is so good for the immune system.
It’s good to prevent bleeding gums.
It’s good to prevent spider veins.
It helps to form collagen.
It helps to keep your arteries from becoming damaged and many other things.
  • Phytonutrients

The last benefit of lemon water is, its phytonutrients and there’s quite a few and in these three phytonutrients
there’s benefit in improving hemorrhoids
leg sores circulation
spider veins and varicose veins.
In fact, one of the phytonutrients Naringin is being tested as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also very antibacterial. It has antiviral properties as well as anti-fungal properties.
So, start putting lemon in your water on a regular basis. Definitely add it with the apple cider vinegar in your water. I would recommend the amount of lemon juice from the whole lemon or just a couple of teaspoons but be consistent and include it in part of your liquids on a regular basis.
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