The Six Vital Ingredients To A Luxury Weekend In London

As more Brits than ever opt for a short luxury staycation over a longer trip abroad, it’s time to sit back and list a few of the must-haves, must-dos, and must-eats of the ideal luxury London weekend away!


1. First class transport

For the experience to begin as soon as the front door closes, it’s essential to travel in style. For most people, that, unfortunately, means public transport. Booking ahead can unearth some brilliant deals in terms of first-class rail tickets. And don’t forget to set a bit of cash aside for a black cab ride straight to the hotel. Stress-free travel is pretty much about avoiding the Tube at all costs!

2. Luxury hotels London

Saving a bit of money with a budget, London hotel might add to the retail therapy fund, but shouldn’t everyone experience a few of the finer things in life on occasion? 5-star hotels in London are of a standard seen nowhere else in the world, so head to a few deal websites to find cheaper bookings on lavish suites and 5-star city center locations.

3. Good food

Grabbing a burger in a fast-food restaurant between shopping locations is not the way to go! Scout ahead and look for a few recommendations on high-end eateries and food trends. Just a single meal out at one of London’s premier eateries is worth the wait. There are plenty of foodie trend websites and blogs out there, so why not look for something a little off the beaten track?

4. A little culture

With the winter season comes a slew of brilliant cultural events. The Nutcracker ballet at the Royal Opera House is just one of the astounding classic festive traditions of London culture. Planning a trip to coincide with gallery exhibitions and music events can be a great way to get the most out of a busy luxury weekend.

5. Retail therapy      

London has one of the most diverse retail cultures in the world. Christmas markets, high-end luxury brand stores, exclusive department stores, local produce markets – there’s something for everyone. Scout online to find out when top brands are having pre-Christmas sales. An afternoon enjoying any of London’s shopping districts is time well spent!

6. Great company!

London is a city of mates. It’s a giant conversation punctuated with a bit of shopping, great food, and a dash of culture. There’s nothing like enjoying a trip to the capital with a few good friends, a luxury hotel reservation, and a bit of cash to splurge.

London is one of the most visited cities in the world, so why not join in and enjoy a few of the finer things in life from the Great British capital!

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