10 Foods that help to fight Flu & its symptoms

Today, I’m sharing a list of foods you can fight Flu with these healthy foods. Also, this list of foods will help your body be healthy and removes the virus from your body. Besides improving your immune system it will prevent your body from future infections.

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Food to fight Flu

10- Cinnamon

Ideal for combating sinusitis, cinnamon is one of the best foods to revive the body. You can try it as tea when you’re sick and suffering the flu.

9- Leek

Rich in vitamin C and E, and contain selenium. Leek is ideal to help the immune system to fight Flu  due to its antioxidant properties.

8- Green Tea

It contains powerful natural antioxidants that help destroy the virus of influenza.

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7- Garlic

Ideal for relief of nasal congestion and sore throat. It is best if eaten as raw but if the taste is not supported can be included as an ingredient in some dishes. Victims can also take in the form of soup.

6- Lemon

One of the most famous foods due to its anti-oxidant properties is lemon. It’s an anti-bactericidal and antiseptic. It’s a former ally against flu, bronchitis and other diseases of this type. It can be taken included in water or tea.

5- Fish

In addition to other properties that help the body, fish contains a powerful mineral that helps white blood cells to eradicate the virus of influenza. Also, due to omega 3 helps protect the immune system.

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4- Oats

It is one of the types of fiber with antibacterial properties, making it an ideal food to combat influenza. Oats can be taken in the morning or evening together with yogurt or milk.

3- Chicken Broth

It is the most recommended food when you are sick with flu. Because it is ideal to help the body to get rid of viruses and bacteria. It keeps the body hydrated and evens out the temperature of the nostrils.

2- Nuts

Ideal to help the body recovers energy. They contain good fat and vitamins that will help you feel better. People sick with flu can eat raisins or nuts with meals or with cereal, also can use in fresh fruit as a breakfast.

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1- Yogurt

Yogurt is a food that contains probiotics and “good bacteria” that help the body system to bring to a standstill the flu.

Always try to include these foods in your diet to prevent the flu. But if you’re already sick, consume even more regularly to fight Flu.

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