What’s the importance of breakfast for females?

Do you know why you are gaining weight while taking normal diet? How can you make your skin more glowing and fresh without using cosmetics in the morning? How can young teen girls achieve lower body mass index.

Above questions have single answer and that is taking a proper breakfast. The importance of breakfast for a healthier life can never be denied. Chunks and chunks of materials have been written advocating the importance of breakfast in our daily life. It is rapidly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I never came across any article which preaches against the breakfast. While considerable literature is written on importance of breakfast, sparse material is found on the importance of breakfast for females. This articles aims to bridge the gap by highlighting the main points of the importance of breakfast for females.

Women are the mentor of any society. It is said that a healthier mother leads to a healthier family. It is further believed that healthier woman ensures a healthier society. One of the important meals that guarantee woman health is the proper breakfast.

Maintaining health:

Studies have shown that those women who avoid breakfast are unable to make up necessary vitamins and minerals for their daily requirement that a simple breakfast could have produced. Simple Breakfast can bring in energy required to carry out our usual activates throughout a full day as well as assists to avoid mid-morning slump. According to a research published by Galaxy and supported by Helga’s Continental Bakehouse on the importance of breakfast for females  revealed that woman who avoid breakfast are often short tempered, nauseous and experience low energy levels.

Healthy body weight:

It has been observed that maintaining a proper weight and avoid obesity has been the major concern among women of all age. However it is rarely known to them that breakfast plays key role in maintaining a proper body weight.  It is a common advice by doctors that breakfast should be the largest meal of the day while dinner should be the smallest. It is because taking breakfast fastens the metabolism rate that enables the body to burn off the consumed food and maintains the body weight. A research was published in the journal of obesity on same subject which states  that those participants who ate breakfast as their major meal lost weight an average of 17 pounds in span of 3 months while those who consumed equal amount of calories but having dinner as their largest meal lost only 7 pounds in same period.

Pregnant women:

The discussion on importance of breakfast for females cannot be completed until its effects on pregnancy are highlighted. Taking proper breakfast is particularly important for pregnant women because they need additional nutrition in order to support developing fetus. Dr. Hendel a fomous gynecologist said “Breakfast is a vital meal to start the day with the proper balance of calories and nutrients,”

Breakfast is especially helpful in boosting the calcium and folic acid that are vital for a healthy pregnancy. Developing baby leeches calcium from mother’s body hence skipping breakfast can be disastrous.  Dr. Frank added that taking starch in breakfast can reduce the chances of common pregnancy problem “bouts of nausea”.

Dr. Pizzoferrato explains the effects of skipping breakfast and prolonged fast on developing fetus. According to him prolonged fast can have immediate as well as long lasting effects on developing fetus.

An interesting research was carried out regarding the importance of breakfast for females in the University of Tel Aviv which found that those women who consume more calories at their breakfast than dinner have enhanced fertility.


It is largely unknown to woman that fresh and glowing skin will be an unfulfilled dream without a proper diet. And proper diet cannot be completed without proper breakfast.

Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, the author of The Beauty Diet, while sharing her views said that a woman can put on all the cosmetics and makeup but until she takes a proper diet full of BEAUTY OF FOODS, her skin will never look at its best. She advised woman to start their morning by taking beauty boosting breakfast. Such food can protect her skin as well as keep it looking fresh and radiant.

What should be breakfast?

The morning meal should consist of three essential components:

Cereals or bread (best overall)

Milk or milk products (skimmed better)

Fruit or fresh vegetables

healthy breakfast doesn’t mean that it should include stuff like special French cooked eggs or something that is tough to cook, rather a healthy breakfast can be as effortless as a bowl of cereal with banana slices, a scrambled egg in addition to a glass of fresh juice. Don’t mix up definition a healthy breakfast with something that is actually hard and impossible to quick early in the morning.

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