Orange and tangerine cupcakes: An imperative item of snacks

There’re many recipes of Orange and tangerine cupcakes, but few are as quick as well as easy as this one, I’m going to share today. Also, you can make both great cupcakes as well as muffins, although I recommend make Orange and tangerine cupcakes plus muffins in individual ramekins, as requiring half the cooking time for muffins than cupcakes; further more presentable these Orange and tangerine cupcakes are great as a snack, and should be served in individual portions. I am sure you people would love to include this item in your snacks list.

For the Orange and tangerine cupcakes and muffins, it is imperative to have some interesting molds and paper cups. It’s worth to have traditional cupcake pans, and even, as I have said, any mold of small size, rectangular or round shape. I tell you how I made my Orange and tangerine cupcakes or muffins! Let’s review ingredients as well as method;

Ingredients for Orange and tangerine cupcakes:

½ thin-skinned orange

1 tangerine

190 gm. of self-rising flour

150 gm. sugar

75 ml. sunflower oil

4 eggs

Method of Orange and tangerine cupcakes plus muffins:

1. Let preheat the oven to 200 ° C, to get good results.

2. Wash the oranges, peel off the skin; in a bowl, and toss the orange and tangerine pieces, also without pips. Also add the sugar, sunflower oil and 4 eggs. Mix it well until a homogeneous fluid is obtained.

3. Now add flour, stir well, until it is perfectly integrated with the prior juice and mandarin orange mixture.

4. Pour the mixture into cake pans and bake for 20 minutes at 200 º C. After 20 minutes, take away from the oven. Serve it while these get normal temperature. You can serve it with any flavored syrup if you like.

Did you see how easy it is? What you thought you couldn’t make your own Orange and tangerine cupcakes plus muffins; recipe is so easy and simple. Now you have known the procedure, you just have to put you to work, and share the recipe with your friends. Happy snack!

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