Refreshing & delicious fruit drinks for summer

For summer, fruit drinks are essential as they are truly refreshing. People always  look for getting fruits in the local market. Summer is a better time to eat fresh fruit. But when you mix it with drinks, will be able to combine complex flavors and get some different combinations. In order to make  fruit drinks for summer, require fresh fruits. Drinks are the perfect combination of refreshing and delicious fruits & soda. They require a precise balance and perfect use of ingredients mixed to achieve taste in drink without being cloying or bursting. We selected some energizing fruit drinks for summer to enjoy summer. But remember these all recipe are halal so you can follow them  undoubtedly. Let’s have a look.

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Fruit drinks for summer (recipes)

Kiwi Cocktail

Kiwi CocktailYou can enjoy delicious kiwi drink in special moments with your partner.

Difficulty: low

Serving: 1 person


45 ml white grape juice

2 sliced kiwis

50 milliliters of pineapple

Ice few cubes


Blend everything together with ice in a blender and serve it freshly.


Serve and garnish with slice of kiwi.

Apple Cocktail

This drink is delicious with spectacular presentation, its taste you will love. Dare to prepare this recipe for apple cocktail and enjoy the flavor.

Time requirement: 5 min

Difficulty: low

Serving: 1 person


1 ½ ounces white grape juice

1 ounce of apple juice

1 ounce of cranberry juice

Lemon juice to taste

5 blueberries

1 red apple

Pinch cinnamon powder


Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake well. Serve in a glass and garnish with a cinnamon powder sprinkle on top.

Halal Blue Hawaii

halal Blue HawaiiIt’s very delicious, elegant and exotic drink, usually served at special dinners and romantic occasions, we really recommend it to taste.

Time: 3 min

Difficulty: Low

Serving: 1 person


1 ½ ounces white grape juice

3/4 ounce of water (dissolve pinch blue food colour in it)

1/4 ounce fresh lemon juice

5 cubes of ice

Sprite 1 glass


Put all the ingredients in blender except Sprite, blend well. Pour in serving glass, then add lemon juice, and fill glass with sprite.


Garnish with a slice of lemon or orange and a cherry on the edge of the glass. Use straws. Serve in tall or wine glass.


For best flavor, take fresh lemon juice (can also be orange).

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