How to soften dry, rough skin of knee and elbow?

Often we take care of our skin, but we forget to think about some areas like the heels,knee and elbow.  Even they require special attention as well. It’s not a complicated task to make those areas of skin healthy. In fact  can make them look good by little effort.

If your knee and elbow are dry and you looking for a solution, this post is for you. I’ll tell you natural options to recover the softness of these areas. And if you do not have time to implement these remedies, I also have more practical alternatives. Let’s review these healthy tips:

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Knee and elbow, how to recover softness?

– Lemon

Although it seems a common way but lemon has multiple uses. When it comes to soften and lighten elbows, this fruit is one of the best. Cut a lemon into half and rub on the treated area. You can do it anytime of the day, but avoid exposing to direct sunlight as your skin can get stained.

– Home Exfoliation

Get a brush. It can be a toothbrush that no longer in use for teeth-brushing. Moisten and rub some sugar on top of it. Now proceeds to perform energetic and circulars movements on your knee and elbow. Be consistent: repeats this step two to three times a week. You’ll get better results.

– Mayonnaise and oil

If your elbows are actually dry, try this remedy. Mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of oil (it can be baby oil, olive oil, almond oil). Then  apply the product on your elbows for 20 minutes. Massage it slowly. After that period of time, rinse with warm water.

– Cosmetic Cream

In any drugstore or supermarket you can find body creams. Find a cream with vitamin A and vitamin E and apply it every morning after you take shower and also at night.

In all cases of roughness, a good tip is, proper massaging.  Massage gently these areas after bath by applying a smoothing cream with honey or Aloe Vera.

Follow these simple tips on skin of knee and elbow to regain their natural smoothness and getting rid of roughness. These tips can eliminate dead skin that is created on areas of greatest friction.

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