Underarm Whitening: How to clear dark underarms naturally?

Dark underarms (Causes)

Underarm Whitening is one of the most common words women search for. Many times women have to deal with an unpleasant and uncomfortable problem like dark underarms. This can happen for various reasons. One and certainly is the depilatory system, which is not the most effective. Usually, it is much more common in women who pluck their armpits using blades. Another factor is the constant use and change of deodorants and poor hydration of this area of the body.

Wearing sleeveless or strapless clothes can be very embarrassing when you have dark underarms, this is a condition that affects many women but can be controlled by simple tips using herbs and foods.

The skin around our body needs special care.  Undoubtedly more sensitive as well as delicate skin than other skin areas require much care and one of them is armpits. It is exposed to irritants due to local deodorant, sweat, different methods of hair removal, etc. all this makes armpits’ skin irritated and dark spots may appear.

Underarm Whitening:  Home remedies

Let’s discuss about natural remedies to get rid of it

1- The Aloe Vera is a remedy used worldwide for skin moisturizing due to its regenerative, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Cut a piece of Aloe Vera in half and apply on underarms. Repeat this procedure few weeks for  underarm Whitening.

2- Cucumber is one of the best remedies for external skin care due to its hydrating, vitamin E and natural oils properties. Apply crushed pulp directly on the skin of the armpits and let stand for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

3- Apple cider vinegar has been used since ancient times as one of the natural remedies to care and heal the skin. Apple cider vinegar is a natural acid that helps eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria, removes odor and whiten the skin. Just clean underarms once in the morning with apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball.

4- An effective home remedy is to mix a pinch of saffron with two tablespoons milk or cream and apply on underarms before bedtime. Leave on overnight and remove with water in the morning. This mixture not only clarifies the armpits but also kills germs and bacteria that cause odor.

5- Another excellent method to treat underarm darkness is to create a paste of sandalwood and rosewater. Sandalwood has bleaching properties and rose water soothes the skin. Let the paste for several minutes and then remove with water. Repeat every day to see effective results.

6- The potato is a natural bleaching agent. Need a potato cut in half or grated potato use on your armpits. It is recommended that you do this every day before sleeping and waking; leave for a minimum of 15 minutes then rinse it.

7- If you need a natural product with an exfoliating affect use sugar. The sugar may clean the skin and unclog pores, which also helps cell renewal. You only need 3 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and bit lemon juice or grapefruit juice. Apply on the area for 15 minutes for underarm Whitening and then rinse.

8- Another variant to get  Underarm Whitening skin,   is mix glycerin or almond oil with lemon juice (equal parts) and apply the mixture for 20 minutes before bathing every day. Lemon juice is an effective natural acid to remove excess sweat, grease and dirt on the surface of the skin.

9- You can also mix a tablespoon of yogurt with oatmeal and apply the paste directly on underarms.  Rub gently for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water. This will act as a natural exfoliate for this delicate skin part.

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