How to treat acne marks? Get rid of these marks naturally

Generally, pimples do not leave marks but if you touch, or squash them, they can cause permanent damage to the skin, leaving even scarring. After that the main quarry born in every person’s mind is, how to treat acne marks? Treatments such as laser and microdermabrasion soften the surface of the skin, effectively obliterate these small scars. These treatments, however, are painful and expensive. Fortunately, there are many natural treatments as well. By adopting these natural or beauty treatments you can use to remove these marks left by pimples. The acne marks or scars can be removed using cosmetics and home remedies, but the deep scars are very difficult to remove. Below I will explain How to treat acne marks or remove blemishes/pimple marks/spots using natural ways.

How to treat acne marks naturally?

Lemon juice

lemon_facialsLemon juice lightens dark spots in a few days. You must apply it at night and never before sun exposure, since sunlight hassle spots on the skin. Squeeze half a lemon, mix 1 tbsp milk, soak a cotton ball in this mixture and apply it by pressing gently on the acne spots.

Aloe Vera

This plant is capable of removing any scar, so in this case work perfectly. Aloe Vera, besides being a great natural healer, is also great for the skin due to its antiseptic properties, favoring facial cleansing and removing dead cells, also make it fair.

Olive oil

olivesThe natural olive oil is very effective in this case. Soak a cotton ball in oil and apply on the affected area. You can apply the oil with some force as to eliminate acne blemishes of the skin, to do some exfoliating effect. A good substitute for olive oil is to use a cream base olive oil to clean stains.

Crushed tomatoes

Tomato has vitamin A, which helps repair and rejuvenate the skin. Crush half a tomato and apply it on the area with acne blemishes, let this mask acted for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.


The honey moisturizes the skin and also removes the stains, and makes the skin tone even. Apply a layer of honey all over your face and rinse after 15 minutes using water.

Alpha hydroxy acids

Many fruits contain Alpha hydroxy acids. These acids are naturally occurring and promote cell regeneration. With frequent use, your skin will look younger and smooth, and the scars left by pimples will be less visible. You can find Alpha hydroxy acids in a variety of fruits for the care of the skin, such as apples, grapes, pineapples and papaya. Try to use masks of these fruits. Massage the marks left by pimples. Massage stimulates the circulation and, thus, the blood and nutrients to more easily reach the affected area. In addition, massage helps break up scar tissue.

Exfoliating skin

The skin is exfoliated by itself about every 25 -30 days and as time passes it takes longer to do. Exfoliate your skin every 2 weeks will help to remove acne scars. Take a spoonful of sugar and mix it with moisturizer, apply it in circular motions and then rinse the area with cold water.

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