How to get fair skin? Amazing Lemon & Milk face packs

The skin is the body’s imperative organ. Besides protecting it has an aesthetic function as skin lubrication. However its cleaning is important to make it look beautiful as well as including younger factor. Over time the skin gets darken and stained, this causes your face withered and corrupted in appearance. But you can conceal the imperfections what time left over your face including the sun rays and pollution. You can look younger, beautiful, also can have healthy skin if you carry out simple beauty routines, natural products, which will be returned to your skin the freshness of yesteryear. Here I’m sharing some beauty tips regarding how to get fair skin through Milk and Lemon. Hope these home remedies make your skin healthy, fair and fresh.

How to get fair skin?


Using lemon Juice

fresh-face-sprayClean your skin with a mixture of lemon juice and rose water. Add the juice of a lemon to half a liter of rose water and stir well. Put this mixture into a spray container and spray all over your face. Be careful; close your eyes while spraying yourself with lemon water as it may become irritated when in contact with eyes.

Lemon water

If you want to know how to get fair skin, follow this recipe. Take a cotton ball dipped in lemon water+ milk mixtureMake circular motions on your face to extend the lemon water throughout the skin. The circular movements will help to release impurities and skin damage. Rinse with plenty of water until no trace of lemon. Perform this cleaning every night after takeoff makeup.

Lemon Mask

milk-lemon-juice-and-honeyMake a mask using lemon juice, milk, flour, chickpeas and some honey. Mix one tablespoon of flour and chickpeas, two tablespoons of milk, three drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Mix all ingredients and apply this mask on your face, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat this daily for four weeks.

Lemon and Milk mask

lemon_facialsDo you go out after applying the mask of lemon and milk, don’t take this risk because your skin will stain more. Always use a sunscreen even on cloudy days and living in town. Ultraviolet rays can harm your skin even if you think its effects are not immediate.

After cleaning with lemon juice you can soak a cotton ball in milk and cover your face with this liquid. Leave on your face overnight. Milk brightens and nourishes your skin. You must complete this treatment with a good diet and drink enough water so that your skin remains hydrated.

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