How to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated?

Water is an important and essential element not only for our body but also for our beauty. It has no calories, helps to eliminate toxins and keeps our body healthy. The trouble is that we don’t know how to drink more water. Many times we do not remember to drink plenty of water and drink a lot less than we should every day. This water deficit may end up carrying health problems for us; also finish up harming our skin. For that reason, today I’m going to share few simple tips that tell you how to drink more water. It will help you intake the required quantity of water daily, to be healthy and beautiful.

1. What is WATER?

water-drinkingWater accounts for 70% of the composition of our body and is essential to keep our body healthy, cleans the body as it helps to eliminate toxins. We drink it because it‘s responsible for transporting vitamins and essential minerals towards the cells of our body.

It prevents constipation because it helps the expulsion of faeces; instead make it excrete more easily and frequently.

It can fill the stomach easily due to its high satiating power. If you want to lose weight, 10 minutes before having each meal drink a glass of water as a result you’ll get less hungry at the table so can ingest fewer calories.

Take good care of your skin as it’s the first step towards enhancing your beauty so learn properly how to drink more water.

2. How much should I intake water?

drink-waterThe WHO recommended quantity is 2 litres per day, although mostly people do not get that much to consume. I often say that you do not have as much but should drink enough to kill your thirst because thirst begins to be felt when dehydration begins. In order to reach the quantity of 2 litres, it’s best to drink at regular intervals several times a day, instead of drinking a lot at a time when you are much thirsty.

3. What is best, to use tap water or mineral water?

Ideally, drink mineral water because that gives you essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium as well as zinc, which tap water can’t give you despite being all the hygienic and health guarantees.

4. Tips, how to drink more water

drinking-waterDrink a glass of water as soon as you get out of bed. You can keep a jug of water at the bedside at night.

As the weather starts to produce more heat, you should choose to incorporate into your meals, chilled soups, creams or milk and vegetables.

After finishing the meal, you should take a light as well as tasty dessert.

If you drinking water is difficult for you, make tasty smoothies and natural juices diluted with a little water.

drinking-water1Try to drink Lemon grass tea, at least one cup daily, also avoid drinks which have caffeine as peppermint, chamomile, lemon verbena or tea etc.

Keep a small bottle of water in the bag so that can go drinking easily throughout the day.

Include fruits and vegetables in your meal that are with high water content such as watermelon as it helps stay hydrated.

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