How to get bigger boobs? 10 effective soups/teas recipes

Worldwide, women who have underdeveloped or small breasts so dream to know how to how to get bigger boobs naturally. They are afraid of surgery as it’s much painful, also expensive method. The inexpensive methods are capsules, pills, creams or serums, suction pumps and sometimes injections that can be somewhat harmful as can damage breast tissue.

Owning little big boobs not only enhance women’s aesthetic personality but significantly increase their self-esteem. Many people think that since breasts mostly composed of fat so they must consume foods containing high levels of fat, this is not entirely true. Foods with high level of fats surly increase your breasts, but also your hips, tummy, thighs, etc. so make you gain weight evenly.

The second most important thing I want to discuss is that junk food plays negative role in increasing your breasts, for the most part are composed of chemicals that increase the level of oxidation of fats and sugars, which accelerate the aging process and premature cells’ death of your skin and muscles.

So here, I tell you how to how to get bigger boobs naturally. You just need to follow the recipes. But remember; don’t forget to massage your boobs while following these recipes. These recipes not only will increase boobs size but also make your skin amazing.

How to how to get bigger boobs through soups/teas?

papaya porridgePapaya porridge


Rice: 100 grams

Papaya: 200 grams

Sugar: 50 g

Water: 1 liter


Peel off & cut papaya into chunks, put on slow fire in covered pot for 7-10 mins. Take a pan, add water, bring to boil and add rice, cook for 10 mins, now add steamed papaya chunks and sugar, mix it well. Let it cook in a covered pot for half an hour. Eat it twice a day.

Note: This papaya porridge is anti-cancer as well

Longan jujube teaLongan jujube tea


Longan: 5-6

Jujube: 3

Water: 1 & half cup


Boil the water with all the ingredients for 5 mins. Strain & drink once a day.

Pear, Papaya Milk soupPear, Papaya Milk soup


Ripe Pear: 350 grams

Papaya: 300 grams

Fresh Milk: ½ liter

Honey: 2 tbsp


Peel off, cut papaya & pear into chunks. Steam them until soft.

Boil milk in a pot, add tender chunks of papaya & pear in it. Cover on slow heat for 5 mins. Add honey, mix well. Dish it out. Eat it twice a day.

Siwu breast soupSiwu soup


Angelica herb: 10 grams

Chuanxiong herb: 10 grams

White peony roots: 10 grams

Rehmannia: 15 grams

Water: 2 cups


Boil all the herbs for about 15-20 mins in a covered pot. Take one bowl daily on empty stomach.

purple yam rice ballsPurple yam rice balls


Purple yam: 210 grams

Red beans: 1 cup (soak in water overnight)

Bellflower root powder: 1 tsp

Glutinous rice: 80 grams

Indian Ginseng root powder: 1tbsp

Chinese Salt: According to taste


Peel off purple yam, cut into pieces and steam till soft. Now mash them well. In a bowl, add mashed yam, rice flour, bit salt, 2 tbsp warm water. Knead well and make balls of 1 inch width. Boil red beans in a pot of water for 2 hrs until soft. Now add the balls in it, Bellflower root powder, Indian Ginseng root powder and Chinese salt. Steam for 10-15 mins. Take one bowl daily.

Cyperus Wild Rose teaCyperus Wild Rose tea


Wild Rose: 9g

Cyperus 3g

Water: 1 & half cup


Boil the water with all the ingredients for 5 mins. Strain & drink twice a day.

Papaya SmoothiePapaya Smoothie

Soy milk: 1 cup

Ripe Papaya: 2 cups (diced)

Sugar: 1tbsp

Ice-cream (any flavor): ½ cup


Add all the ingredients in a blender, blend until get smooth mixture. Drink daily.

kudzu porridgeKudzu porridge


Barley: 50 grams

Medlar (Loquat): 15 grams

Wild yam: 50 grams

Pueraria Mirifica: 10 grams

Water: 3 cups

Salt to taste


Peel off yams and cut into pieces. Steam until soft. Cut Medlar into chunks. Bring water to boil, add all the ingredients and cook for 10 good mins. Dish it out and eat 1 bowl on daily basis.

Dandelion Hawthorn teaDandelion-Hawthorn tea


Dandelion roots: 3g

Hawthorn: 3

Water: 4 cups


Add all the ingredients to water and boil for 10 good minutes. Drink 1 cup daily.

Herbal teaHerbal tea


Licorice roots: 1 tsp

Fennel seeds: 1 tsp

Star anise: 1 tsp

Water: ½ liter


Add all the ingredients in water and boil for 10 good mins. Turn off the heat and let stand for about 20 minutes. You can add lemon juice to make it taste better. Drink 1-3 cups per day.

Note: If you are allergic to herbs, please consult your doctor before following any recipe of how to get bigger boobs.

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