Eyebrow threading: What basic tips you need to bear in mind?

A well-groomed and plucked eyebrows, can completely change the expressions of the face, this is because eyebrows give definition to the face, also make it look much better. Before continuing my today’s topic regarding Eyebrow threading, it is important to take into account the shape of your face, if you do not know what kind of face you have, you must acquire knowledge about it.

Eyebrow threading: General recommendations

Sometimes perfection is associated with symmetry, realize that this does not have to be applied in case of eyebrows. As experts say, “that eyebrows should always look sisters, but not twins, and never distant cousins.”

If you are going for Eyebrow threading or wax your eyebrows, it is best to look for an excellent lighting. In short it is better to opt for daylight.

If you have a disorderly brows, I refer to those eyebrows that often disheveled easily, even if do not touch; a very simple little tip is to choose a transparent fixer for such eyebrows and brush them into the shape that you like.

Beware draw eyebrows too far or very close, very fine or thin etc. Remember that always find the idea or ways to Eyebrow threading that suit your face.

If you have gaps in your eyebrows, choose a pencil, with the help of tip apply a short, light strokes in the direction of hair growth and not a single line, for a smoother, more natural effect.

Keep in mind that a well-groomed eyebrows frame the face in the best way. It gives life and therefore rejuvenates the eye. Therefore, if your eyebrows are unkempt, you will achieve the contrary effect. When you have a well-groomed eyebrows, it will enhance your face. Do not forget that a well-shaped eyebrows balance out your features and harmonize your facial expression by extension, also encourage your makeup.

What you should know before Eyebrow threading?


1. To achieve the correct plucking for your eyebrows, most importantly is to specify the actual measures to be having for your eyebrow. This is a simple step for any type or face shape. So for it take a brush or pencil (whatever makes easier for you) next to the bridge of your nose (as displays in the image in step number 1), so draw completely straight line. This is a first step as well as perfect degree to start plucking. So right there your eyebrow should begin, otherwise the look will separate or too close.

2. To measure the arch of the eyebrow, mark a line from the corner of the nose (as shown in the image in number 2). The loop should be through the centre of the iris of your eye, this step will quickly, revealing how to draw your eyebrows.

3. By the end of your eyebrow sets the brush from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye (as is as shown in image number 3), it is where should end your eyebrow; if you do not follow that endpoint, will create one symmetry or abysmal disproportion on your face.

4. Draw a straight line from right there your eyebrow begins till where your eyebrow should end (as shown in number 4 in the image). Don’t draw your eyebrows little up or down from this line, else your brows will appear disrupt.

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