Tips & Tricks: Hide face scars using makeup and enhance beauty

Any imperfection on the face is always a headache for women, try to hide it with creams, makeup and even some are turned to cosmetic surgery. The scars left on the skin after a burn, cut, injury, a wound, or an outbreak of acne can be cleared with one treatment but generally, this is not instantaneous, so during the processing time, need to conceal or hide face scars using makeup.

All kinds of scars are generally unattractive and undesirable. Scars can also be a source of pain, shame, and embarrassment for the ladies who have them. Many people will do their best to hide them, like wearing more clothing even on hot days. Sometimes if they are really serious, refuse to leave their homes. Professionally applied makeup (always keep your makeup bag updated) is a way to cover and conceal a scar and allow you to go out in public without being embarrassed. I’ll teach you how to hide face scars using makeup so that they can be almost imperceptible.

Tips & Tricks: Hide face scars using makeup and enhance the beauty

The first thing to note is that the area of the face where the scar or acne appears, then what type of skin you have, either oily or dry. Therefore you should hydrate that part more than usual; apply cream or moisturizer before starting makeup. And after this facial should be your routine.

Note: Every night apply moisturizer to that part before go to bed.

Step: 1

Check that the area of the scar you want to cover if it’s not clean and dry. Wash it with a mild soap/face wash and pat it gently. Before you make up any scar, it is important to keep it well moisturized as this favors the regeneration of the skin, so apply moisturizer and give a gentle massage with your fingers, also apply primer.

Step: 2

Let’s begin to hide face scars using makeup by applying an appropriate concealer since according to the tone of the scar, must counter it using a red, pink, or yellow concealer. As the scars are commonly red, the yellow tone so concealer is always the most preferred.

Step: 3

The next step is to keep a small amount of darker tone foundation on the scar you want to hide; then apply another (less dark) foundation all over your face. Ideally, it is a liquid foundation because it is thicker and has more coverage. In addition, it is also advisable to use a little less darker tone than your skin for better results. Apply it all over your face to show off a unique, homogeneous skin tone. Do not rub the foundation on the skin because you could end up removing all makeup. Continue spreading the foundation until the scar is concealed completely. You can use more foundation if need.

Step: 4

Apply compact powder or loose powder with a large brush to remove all gloss, and to continue the work to hide the scars. Press lightly and sprinkle the powder on the area covered and extends slightly outward also to cover the surrounding areas.

Step: 5

Also applies blush, still more so if the scar is in this part of the face appearing gets concealed, as well as giving light and life to face, continue to cover the scar so it can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Always remember don’t overdo it using makeup to hide scars, because if you apply too much makeup on the affected skin all you get is highlighted area.


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