Home chores: An effective way to burn calories

The amount of calories you burn as an adult, is proportional to your musculature. So men tend to burn more calories than women, with the same exercise. Our body uses stored fat as energy and serves to protect against sudden shock and weather changes conditions. If our body doesn’t use energy, fat and carbohydrates consumed more fatty acids. Then converted in the liver and accumulate in muscle tissue. For women, home chores are an effective way to burn calories.

Buttocks of women are one of the biggest trouble spots where fat accumulates. Whereas for men the problem area is the abdominal region. According to a study published in the European Health Journal, fat mounted up in this area symbolizes more health hazard because it increases the probability of clogged arteries. And it is a symbol of future heart problems. If you are a person that does not like do exercise in routine work, you just have to do home chores to eliminate some kilos. Exercise is an effective way to burn calories and help you get rid of excess weight.

Home chores: An effective way to burn calories


On average, women burn 1,500 calories a day by domestic activities. An effective way to burn calories and keep in shape our body is, “domestic activities”. Whenever we are in motion, we generate the energy needed to make it happen. We must not think that the gym is the only way to reduce extra fat but doing home chores also shows appreciated results as it’s also effective way to burn calories.

What kind of activities is best to lose weight?

Cleaning the glass in a clockwise way can help shape our shoulders. Moving up and down the stairs at a good pace, several times a day, helps to have defined thighs and buttocks. Sweeping the entire home and doing laundry can strengthen the arms.


Here’s a rough estimation of burning calories or lose weight by domestic activities if you do for half an hour;

Laundry: 190 calories

Redecorate and change the furniture: around 180 calories

Rinse dishes: 160 calories

Using lawnmower: 160 calories

Wash and dry the car: 130 calories

Clean the falling leaves of the trees: 130 calories

Clean bathroom tiles: 130 calories

Mop the floor: 110 calories

Clean the windows: 100 calories

Vacuum the carpet: 90 calories

Shopping in the supermarket: 61 calories

Some tricks can help us meeting our goals. Home chores are not the only effective way to burn calories but sports as well. If you are not interested doing home chores you need to choose some good sport that can help reducing your extra weight, for example, gymnastics is a good sport not only for better metalizing condition but also for health because we need to put extra energy to perform this activity. We recommend do exercise daily in form of sport or home chores to have continuity towards good health. Finally, if you have gained ankle weight, just walking around the house can help make extra work.

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