Adirondack chair, a living legend of garden furniture

The Adirondack chair is a living legend of the garden furniture; if you are planning or have a typical front home lake in a healthy garden with a large porch from where you can admire the landscape, also a sunset view from a pier, surely visualize these all sitting in an Adirondack chair. These chairs enhance the beauty of your garden.

Adirondack chair, a living legend of garden furniture

garden-chairBut what is special about the Adirondack chair? Surely it’s functional as well as its simple beauty, devoid of artifice or pretentious elements make it suitable for gardens. Simple wooden planks form a slightly reclined back, and its deep, inclined plus comfortable seats as well as long arms are proportionately designed for relaxation. The legs are short and close to the ground.

In short, this is something special and included among designer chairs, with a position ideally suited for enjoying the scenery. So you can also arrange Adirondack chairs around a coffee table garden, and I am convinced that this is also the function for which it is designed.

chair-plansAdirondack name is apparently a mountain in New York upstate, near there was a tuberculosis sanatorium. It is said that the patients were resting in these seats to take the therapeutic mountain air.

But before the Adirondack chair had another name, chair Westport, where it was registered as patent design. In Canada, however, is known by two different names; its one name is chair Muskoka, in honor of the area where many Canadians spent the summer in one cottage and other one is “Laurentian chair“, this name is famous among those living in Quebec.

ad_chairThe fact is that the invention is done by a wealthy man, Thomas Lee, Westport Holiday back in 1903, the construction is designed so that even sitting on a slope, can spot the horizon. Although Lee was not known but a carpenter who patented the design of the Adirondack chair, it is not clear if the creator behind or with its consent, but this is already part of the legend of the Adirondack chair.

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