Effective Home Tips for a healthy garden

If the plants in your garden are losing color because the fungus has invaded or are suffering from a plague of insects; it’s very difficult for you to eradicate; no need to make a substantial financial investment to end this problem because for this there are some Tips for a healthy garden that can help you have a beautiful garden forever. Don’t need to spend money on expensive potions, they are ineffective in many cases; simply use one of the ingredients that will surely keep it in healthy position. Substances such as baking soda, beer, vegetable oil, peppermint oil, grits, vinegar, buttermilk, garlic, dishwashing detergent and alcohol are enough to kill pests and effective Tips for a healthy garden.

Effective Home Tips for a healthy garden

Against slugs and snails

beer_snail_trapBeer is an old trick that frees the garden from slugs and snails. Place beer in a shallow container or paper cups that have an inch tall cut. Distribute them throughout the garden putting containers on flat surfaces. Insects crawl into containers or vessels.

Against black spot

You can use baking soda to prevent black spot, a terrible fungus that usually attacks the roses in late September. You only need a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and one gallon of water. Mix all ingredients and spray roses in the morning once a week until the disease disappears.

Against aphids

aphidsAphids are very small insects that suck sap from plants turn to weaken. If the leaves of your plants seem curled and deformed, examine them, you can have a colony of aphids damaging them. To get rid of them, need a cup of vegetable oil and one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. Mix them, put a spoon of the product in a cup of water and stir. Spray the mixture on the leaves with aphids.

Grasp calcium

eggshellsThere are things you would throw away but can be beneficial for the garden; eggshells in particular, can be a source of calcium for your plants. Crush the shells and sprinkle on the bottom of your plants; you could prevent new flowers decay. In fact, if you cook eggs, you can water the plants with water that consist eggshells as it is enriched with calcium. Remember to use the shells at the base of your plants for some bugs stay away.

Healthy citrus

When the leaves of citrus (lemon and orange) turn yellow and have black spots, you can try to treat the tree watering with water (resulting from cooking nettles), this water is a natural fungicide and the remedy is one of the quite effective Tips for a healthy garden.

Against ants

To prevent ants from invading your garden, distribute several cotton balls with peppermint oil or use a spray bottle with water and apply where needed. Hominy scattered in the garden can also be an effective way to kill ants.

Against Weed

Vinegar is a great organic solution to kill weeds. Some people say you can kill weeds commonly to spray vinegar on them. It would be great if you also add lemon juice to the spray bottle. It is an infallible remedy.

Against mites

against-mitesWhey is an excellent choice to end mites, tiny, reddish bugs, you can barely see with the naked eye but can cause huge damage to plants, causing yellow foliage and twisted tips of the leaves. Take 1/2 cup buttermilk, 4 cups flour, 5 gallons of water. Mix ingredients, then filtered through cloth, sprinkle on diseased plants and kill all the mites and their eggs.

Alcohol, magical fungicide

Alcohol is excellent for healing plants infested with spider mites, aphids, slugs and whiteflies. You will delete these pests successfully after a few applications of alcohol with cotton balls on the affected areas.

Natural Insecticide

Blend four onions, two cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp of red pepper and one quart of water. Add two gallons of water with two tablespoons of surf (use for washing clothes). Stir everything and put it in a spray bottle and use it on your plants to keep them free of insects.


fertilizersIn the old days, the only way to feed the garden was with cow dung and ash or chickens. The ashes are a source of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium, needed for a healthy garden.

Epsom salts are also a good fertilizer for your plants. For shrubs, sprinkle two tablespoons at the base of each plant. To use as a complementary food, sprinkle a teaspoon at the roots of the plants every two weeks. When cooking spinach, use water to your roses, it will serve them good. Just remember that water should have no salt.

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