Child to eat: Tricks to make children eating fruits & vegetables

Children often refuse foods and prefer playing the game. How to solve the problem? The solution seems almost paradoxical, but brilliant. However mother need to use tricks getting child to eat healthily. The vegetables, in particular, are children’s worst enemy. A fair and balanced diet doesn’t complete till it doesn’t include fruits, vegetables, and in general vitamins, iron plus fiber because it can prevent the risk of obesity and fell ill. Among the causes of this abnormality in the sedentary lifestyle, snacks and desserts, the non-regularity of meals or skipping healthy meals like breakfast, vegetables, fruits and the abuse of sugary drinks are prominent.


Making your child to eat fruits and vegetables is a difficult task. It’s hard to convince the little ones to eat healthy foods. And unfortunately as they grow it gets harder. Needless to force them, each time you’d try to feed them but get the opposite effect with threatening to make any fruit and vegetables distaste. The best alternative is to convince them by fair means, using few simple tricks. However I discover making child to eat vegetables and fruits, here’re tricks; how?

Child to eat fruits & vegetables

Create delicious dishes using colors


Vegetables and fruits are colorful. So if parents want child to eat, take this opportunity to create colorful and imaginative dishes. Possibly combining them with other foods. The different colors will help you conquer the children’s mood. Do not mention the importance of the substances to children like fruits and vegetables on nutritional level. For example to tell your child, that “Did you know chlorophyll, which present in the green leaves of salad, is anti-anemic and has a tonic function of the heart? And that red tomato is related to lycopene, an antioxidant pigment? The yellow instead indicates the presence of lutein and zeaxanthin, natural antioxidants that protect the eyes, while the purple color of blueberries and eggplant is due to anthocyanins, which help to improve blood circulation. Such information makes your child sick.

Eat fruits and vegetables with them


The fruit or vegetable that you want to make your child to eat, you should also eat with him/her. It not only encourages child, but what really matters is a good example for him/her. It’s needless to offer children tempting carrots, tasty tomatoes, sweet bananas, if you ingratiate only junk food. And you should be known that children learn by imitation, just introduce regularly fruit and vegetables to them.

Serve the vegetables before meals

Serve the vegetables before meals, when your child feels the appetite, it is an effective trick to convince the kids to eat vegetable first. You should prepare appetizers made with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, peppers; just serve them with a little salt or a seasoning, based on oil, vinegar and black pepper. They will love it!

Cook with them


Cooking with them is to make them feel involved and develop an appreciation for the food that will be served at the table. If they are grown-ups, get their help in cutting vegetables or fruits, if they are too little; involve them only in the preparation of recipes like vegetarian pies, savory stews, or vegetable dumplings. They can just have to get their hands dirty and make certain mistakes; you need to guide them properly.

Prepare snacks ready

Raw fruits and vegetables are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, real cure for the body! Prepare them in the form of snacks, after cleaning and cutting, it’s an excellent idea to invite the children to eat during the day, replacing chocolate or anything rubbish with snacks.

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