Incredible and miraculous uses of olive oil

With each passing day, precious treasure olive oil is becoming more popular because of its great properties. It is recommended by doctors and physicians for improving heart as well as health issues also use to prepare delicious dishes, especially it is one of the main ingredient uses in Italian cuisine. Hopefully people know little bit about the incredible and amazing uses of olive oil, we can provide more uses as well as benefits out of our kitchens. Here I’m going to write in detail;

As a skin moisturizer

People, who suffer from dry skin, can mix a little quantity of olive oil with any good quality body lotion; smear this mixture around the body properly. The oil seals the skin, keeping it moist for longer, without any smell of oil.

As a hair conditioner

For those who have dry hair, heat ½ cup of olive oil, massage all through the hair, cover up hair with a plastic cap and leave for about 45 minutes. Rinse hair with a good quality baby shampoo.

To remove makeup

Sometimes when you don’t have makeup remover at home, the best option is to remove the make using olive oil; soak a cotton ball in olive oil, and wipe eyelashes as well as face then wash your face with soap and water.

To control Acne

Although it may seem curious, but this technique works great; oil is used to restore the natural moisture of the skin and salt to exfoliate dead skin. Mix four tablespoons of salt, three tablespoons of olive oil until you get a smooth paste. Place the paste all over the face and neck and leave for about a minute, remove with warm water plus soap. Repeat these steps every day for a week after that reduces the treatment two or three times a week.

As a substitute for shaving cream

Olive oil is very good substitute of shaving cream as it can be used for shaving; olive oil moisturizes the skin and razor moves more easily, helping with the tedious process of shaving.

Good for leather stuff

Over time, belts, purses, gloves and other leather products, get dried out and cracked. Put a little oil on the stuff; let it sit for a while and after rubbing with a cloth, excess oil would be removed.

Polishing furniture and wooden objects

It retrieves the brightness of the wooden furniture so easily; just mix two parts olive oil with some lemon juice or white vinegar in a spray bottle; allow this mixture set for a minute. Spray on furniture or other wooden objects, then clean with wipes.

Remove paint stains from skin

After painting and decorating the house, there are always signs of hard work on the scalps or skin. Soak a cotton ball with a little olive oil and rub it over the paint stain on scalp or skin and Goodbye paint stains.

Removes chew gums

It helps to remove gum from soles of the shoes, clothing or furniture. Soak thin cloth towel in oil and leave it resting on the gum for a few minutes until the gum softens and get removed easily.

Removes the adhesive stickers

If your children fill the car windows, closet doors or walls with stickers and you do not know how to get rid of them, here’s a solution; Put a little oil on the surface, leave for a few minutes then remove with the help of spatula gently to avoid damaging of surface.

Clean greasy hands

Yes, incredibly, olive oil is used for degreasing hands get dirty from grease of trucks. Place in hands, olive oil, salt or sugar; rub the mixture well on all the dirty areas and rinse with soap properly.

These are some of amazing and incredible uses of olive oil, will help you out in your routine work.

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