Pay attention to your hair during pregnancy

In pregnancy the female body is subjected to many changes, also hair undergoes major changes during the months of pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations. Initially, it is normal that hair becomes more weakened and starts falling rapidly. But for many women, their hair looks thicker and shinier, however usually after delivery gets weaken and they even can suffer from postpartum alopecia. Therefore, it is important to maintain a strong and healthy hair at all times but pay attention to your hair during pregnancy. To be beautiful during pregnancy, it is important to maintain your beautiful hair. Try to follow tips about how to care for your hair during pregnancy, as I’m going to mention in today’s content.

pregnancy-balanced-dietEating a balanced diet rich in vitamins as well as nutrients through the consumption of vegetables and fruits as they are an excellent measure taking good care of your hair during pregnancy. Besides being very beneficial to the health of the baby, the nutrients in these foods, such as iron or zinc, strengthen hair and nourish it, so during pregnancy make your hair look healthy, shiny and beautiful. Normally, during the first trimester of pregnancy, hair gets weaken and may fall more easily, so hair loss is a common thing.

dry-hairMany women during pregnancy often get dry hair excessively. First of all, it is important to acquire a shampoo with remedial action, apply a good conditioner and nourishing mask once or twice a week, leave acting on damp hair for 5 to 10 minutes. Consume vitamins B after consulting doctor; also check the levels of calcium and iron regularly.

neutral-ph-mild-shampoosOne of the major changes hair experiences in pregnancy is increased sebum secretion of the scalp. That is why each type of hair is affected differently. In case your hair is normal or oily, you should wash it more often and is best if you use neutral pH mild shampoos or Homemade shampoo.

In contrast, dry hair during pregnancy becomes much moist and gains volume, so your look appears better than it had previously. If you feel that is too dry, do not forget to include the application of a nourishing mask in washing process.

wash-hairFor best results, wash the hair with warm water, avoiding very cold or very hot water. It is appropriate to comb gently using a comb with wide and rounded spikes. and avoid excessive blow dry or straightening irons. So the best hair care should be maintained throughout pregnancy, especially in postpartum condition, when hair tends to fall more rapidly. Do hair massage with fingertips to activate blood circulation to the scalp.

hair-dye-in-pregnancyUse of dyes for hair during pregnancy can be somewhat complicated.  These products are not recommended since they contain numerous chemicals especially ammonia that should not be coming into contact with the body in the gestation period.  Above all, it is important not to dye your hair during the first three months of pregnancy, and in case you want to do, you should opt for those dyes that are completely natural.

Remember also that before undergoing any professional hair treatment, either hair fall, smoothing, shaping, etc. should consult your gynecologist previously, as it could be contraindicated for your pregnancy.

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