How to make deodorant at home? DIY recipe

Perspiration is a natural response of the body that allows cooling and regulates salt levels. Sweat itself does not create smell but bacteria are the cause of body odor, as well as it’s also linked to food. Our diet is becoming more acidic, full of additives and devoid of nutrients, however our body insists on removing more and more toxins. One way is through the skin sweat helps detoxify the lymphatic system. Skin works like a lung because it receives oxygen and nutrients that removes salts and toxins. So deodorants are mostly used to get rid of this bad odor.

The main ingredient in most deodorants and antiperspirants used is aluminum. Its function is to stop sweating by blocking the sweat out of the pores, which can cause damage to your health. But aluminum is not the only component that can cause allergies and serious health problems. Fortunately, most manufacturers use parabens (used as preservatives) in deodorants and antiperspirants that are responsible increasing in breast cancer in women.

The allergic reactions of deodorants and antiperspirants often result in contact dermatitis in the armpit area. The rash results itching, blistering or sores, scaly skin and oozing. So you people need to make deodorant at home. The advantage of making your own deodorant is to avoid chemicals and pollutants that come in commercial deodorants. If you want to make deodorant at home, it can be an inexpensive, helps you keep healthy your body as well as environment because the cosmetics industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Do not waste or expose yourself to carcinogens. Here are three recipes to make deodorant at home and to neutralize those Perspiring odors that are accentuated with the heat.

Let’s make deodorant at home; it would be able to mask even the most pungent odors. These homemade deodorants are sophistication of modern life, which keep us without odors especially when we are close to others, for example on the subway.

Also, you make deodorant at home are harmless, that’s why if you have the opportunity to compose at home, must try it.

1. Cornstarch Deodorant

In order to make deodorant at home, put ½ cup of corn starch and 5 drops of any your favorite essential oil. Mix them well. Keep this mixture to get set for a couple of hours then fill in bottles and you will observe its effectiveness once apply.

2. Bicarbonate Deodorant

I remember well, my Grandma soak its armpit with baking soda (Bicarbonate)to avoid odor. It was really effective. You can do a load of work after applying it, you can play football, climb the hill, at night can go dancing party and the next day can go to work without showering. There wouldn’t be feeling any kind of odor from your body. It’s quite a good achievement.

3. Flower oil Deodorant

The other way to make deodorant at home, in a dark glass bottle of 100 ml (it is better if you take spray bottle) pour 40 ml distilled water, 25 ml Rose water. 25ml Lavender Water, Bergamot 10 drops, 7 drops of Thyme, 8 drops of Salvia, 5 drops of Frankincense, 5 drops of tangerine, 1 tablespoon Alcohol or Vodka (as a preservative). Shake it well before applying and do not expose to light. Hope you enjoy anyway always few good tips to eliminate odor.

Try to avoid talc as it is very dangerous to health. It is highly toxic to the lungs as well as to the female organs. Try to make deodorant at home and use it.

Good Luck!

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