How to make nails beautiful? By paying little attention

If you want to make your hands look adorable and charming, special care is needed for nails along with healthy hands.

The following instructions as well as recommendations will show most important aspects of nail care and maintenance. I’ll tell you how to make nails beautiful? Here’s you go;

Shaping nails according to the shape of the hands, soften thick fingers should have round nails; square nails look good with long fingers. Mostly ladies like to keep square nails with rounded edges as it goes good for all shape of fingers and make nails beautiful.

The toenails should be square shaped as it help the natural growth of nails and prevent an ingrown toenail (when it grows into the skin).

Nails should be smoothed in one direction only, to avoid weakening.

To avoid infection, it is recommended to purchase and bring their own manicure/pedicure tools even you visit beauty salon. If swelling, redness, or itching in the nails is observed after a beauty session, should visit doctor to avoid further infection. It is also recommended to clean manicure/pedicure tools with soap plus water, after that with alcohol after using.

For temporary staining, rub a lemon on nails without nail polish to keep them clean and make nails beautiful. Its properties help naturally whiten. Stained nails can also be soaked for 10 minutes in a pot with a solution of water plus few drops of oxygen peroxide (used in cosmetics) or brush them with whitening toothpaste to make nails beautiful.

People with sensitive skin get irritation when using nail polish removers, usually composed content of acetone reactions. For such people there are in the market removers are available without acetone.

Nail biting can cause them to deform and generate infections, also it won’t make nails beautiful. To avoid this, you can maintain short and filed nails.

Cuticle is a part of the skin and it requires frequent wetness. It is advisable to apply cream on hands, especially on edges of the nails, while massaging moisturize.

To deeply moisturize cuticles, use special curing creams, which are thicker than the moisturizers (use for body), and usually contain vitamin E and or petroleum jelly. It can be used at night, and its thickness cures cuticle issue gradually.

Cuticles, especially on hands, cause due to do lots of activities like washing dishes and clothes. It is recommended to use gloves for proper care. Treat cuticles correctly instead of cutting with a cutter as they are exposed to infection after cutting.


How to apply nail polish? Here is a quick guide; stroke brush starting from the root to the tip in 3 main movements; the first in the center, and the following on both side.

It is advisable to apply 2 or 3 thin layers of enamel after the base rather than a single heavy coat to prevent the nail from cracking or shattering.

You should be removed all enamel with remover before applying a new one.

For using dark colours glazes, should always be started with a layer of gloss that protects the nail. Dark colours glazes tend to stain nails yellow if applied directly.

The nail polishes such as shiny or pearly colour last longer than those with matte tones.

The glaze should not be kept on nails for more than two weeks. You can use once a month, then leave nails unpolished so they can be kept healthy.

It is not recommended to apply glazes if they are denser; to dilute them use remover, especially thinners can dilute them easily.

Instead of stirring the glaze, it is preferable to roll them by hand. This movement prevents the generation of bubbles within the container.

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